Знакомьтесь: моя семья / Meet my Family

Meet my family. There are five of us, and we are very friendly.

First, meet my mum and dad, Elena and Vladimir. They both love cooking. My mum enjoys embroidering and my dad enjoys playing with my brother Lukasha and my sister Anna.

My mum is slim and good-looking. She has got short dark hair and brown eyes. Her nose is small. My mother is a doctor and she is very clever. My father is a doctor, too. He is tall and handsome. He has got short dark hair and green eyes. He is kind and quite serious.

Here is my brother Lukasha. He is only 3, but he is very clever for his age. He is very cute, too. He is got blonde hair and blue eyes. He is fond of playing with his toys.

My sister`s name is Anna. She is 6 months. She is a beautiful and nice baby. She hardly speaks any Russian, but she is eager to take City and Guilds exams. I think Level A1 is just for her.

My name is Lisa. I have got long dark hair and brown eyes. I like riding a bike and swimming. My hobby is figure skating.

As you see, we are a very – very interesting family!

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Знакомьтесь: моя семья / Meet my Family