For a long time the person lives side by side with the nature. Earlier he worshipped to it, at times making a sacrifice. In our modern century, time of progress the relation to it has radically exchanged. People consider themselves above the nature.

To begin the story I want with a theme about springs.

Sometimes on pages of the central newspapers there are small notes that somewhere in territory of the Belgorod region have found a spring, have cleared it, searches somewhere else are conducted. In our settlement Veidelevka there are springs too. Their studying represents the big scientific and practical interest. Springs are the important power supplies of the rivers participate in relief formation, supply plants with moisture. Underground waters naturally are not polluted. Passing through soil, water is enriched by carbonic acid and mineral substances, therefore quite often possesses curative properties and is applied to treatment of variety of diseases of the person. Springs are willingly used for local water supply, and are frequent, at their sufficient capacity, and for a food of wastepipes. The simple word “spring” is associated with transparent, pure, a healing water.

And in Veidelevka we have such “live” water.

It is a little about krinitsa. In Veidelevka we have two of them – in Svoboda street, well-known “Kreidyanka”, or “Panskaay”. Once from cretaceous bowels beat more than thirty springs, forming extensive enough, a creek all year long is not freezing completely. The main spring amazed with the powerful stream with which in olden time it was necessary tostruggle literally. Krinitsa was cared and protected. Around it people had holidays, erased, and bleached a cloth. In due course the wonderful creation of the nature and the person harmful has been destroyed.

And several years ago thanks to diligence of the head of the area A. G. Panina, sponsors, pupils of school krinitsa has changed: the font is erected, the territory is equipped, the parking place is made, the road with a firm covering is brought, the green hedge is planted. Almost all inhabitants of Veidelevka have been there, have plunged into fonts and have drunk the consecrated water.

Pupils of our school have participated in researches of a condition of springs in the settlement Veidelevka and have revealed that it is necessary to concern better the nature surrounding us, to protect and protect it as everything that we pollute, we then and use in products of our consumption.

Therefore the problem of our young generation is to keep thisbeauty.

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