Yu wo. the legend of sun knight. volume 2. prologue

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 2: The Daily Duties of a Knight
Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue: This is our Captain

Now, let us introduce you to the duties that the noble Sun Knight has to carry out every day.
His first duty is to attend various kinds of dull public events, such as the ceremony to celebrate the new king’s ascension to the throne.
His second duty is to act as an automatic waving machine. At public events such as the one mentioned above, knowing how to wave one’s hand for long periods of time and not disabling one’s wrist in the process is a deeply profound art.
The third duty that needs to be followed is the careful management of the undead creatures.
The fourth duty… Within a day, there are actually more than three of such tasks on the agenda, so everyone should understand how tough it is to be a Sun Knight by now, right?
My name is Adair. Just yesterday, I was still an ordinary holy knight. However, from today onwards, that won’t be so anymore. From today onwards, I am a member of the Sun Knight Platoon that takes orders directly from the Sun Knight!
Well, my direct superior isn’t the official Sun Knight yet, since he is the same age as me. Right now, he’s only eighteen, and historically, only when appointed future Sun Knights turn twenty will they officially take over the duties of a Sun Knight.
“Adair, Adair! He’s here!”
A holy knight who had similarly been chosen to be part of the Sun Knight Platoon rushed in from the outside. His face was filled with excitement and he seemed flustered. Although we had been taught from a young age that a holy knight should remain calm and cool-headed, but the person that we were about to meet was, after all, the future Sun Knight!
How were we supposed to stay calm when the person we were going to meet held the position of the leader of the Church of the God

of Light, who commanded all Twelve Holy Knights and was also the captain from whom we would be receiving direct orders?
Although we couldn’t seem to calm down our inner hearts at all, we didn’t dare act impolitely in front of the Sun Knight. Within a few seconds, twenty-five holy knights from the Sun Knight Platoon assembled into neat, uniform ranks. Everyone anxiously and excitedly awaited the arrival of the Sun Knight.
The one who walked in first was the current Sun Knight. I had seen him a few times at several of the church’ various ceremonies and worship sessions, and every time I saw this Sun Knight, I couldn’t help but to praise and admire his elegant demeanor once again. The reasons for my wanting to become a member of the Sun Knight Platoon had largely to do with my admiration of this person. It was just too bad that I was born too late, and was hence unable to join this Sun Knight’s Sun Knight Platoon.
This time, the Sun Knight didn’t speak much. He carried a casual smile as he walked in, and then immediately stepped to the side. At this moment, I finally saw that there was someone behind him.
Was it him?
I held my eyes wide open, not daring to even blink. There he was, standing in the sunlight. Although the position of the sun behind him made his appearance not clearly visible, the sunlight shining on his golden hair made that head of hair shine even more than pure gold.
This golden hair! It’s so beautiful, as if it belonged to the God of Light himself, as was told in the legends. In my heart, I couldn’t help but become very excited.

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Yu wo. the legend of sun knight. volume 2. prologue