Yu wo – eclipse hunter. vol 01

Yu Wo – Eclipse Hunter (Hunting of the Shaded Guardian). Vol 01

Eclipse Hunter Prologue

In 2105, following the decline of nations, the world was split into hundreds of trading organisations. Motivated by the benefits, these organisations merged to form trade cartels, the largest of which was the Solaris group, controlling over 30% of the world’s economy. The group was also acknowledged to have the most proficient leader in the world.

The Solaris group was never among the top five trade cartels until the leadership went to Devon Solaris, whose insatiable thirst for power lead him to continually expand his influence…

It wasn’t that the growth of the Solaris group went unchallenged. The Solaris Emperor would always be one step ahead of the opposition. He was able to stop their threats before they were ever acted upon. It was as if he was able to foresee danger. Those who attempted to plot against him would find themselves easily outwitted. Everyone would lament how they got so close to defeating him, only to be defeated at the last moment.

It wasn’t just once or twice; it was the same for every attempt. Everyone knew it wasn’t just a coincidence, nor was it God’s will. It was because the Solaris Emperor had complete control.

Every opponent who crossed his path swore to never do it again.

Everyone admitted that he had complete control over everything. No schemes nor conspiracy could escape him.

His very existence was likened to God.

He was invincible.

People called this legendary existence the ‘Solaris Emperor’.

“But the origin of each noble achievement is often beyond simple.”

Chapter 1
A middle-aged man sat at a black office desk, clearly the most important one in the room. Despite the grey tint to the man’s hair, he still maintained a handsome face. Before him were several other desks, each equipped with

a computer. Financial reports were tacked on the walls of this room, displaying economic growth trends and other major exports and imports.

However, this large room was empty at that moment and the man’s countenance seemed nothing like that of a top executive. He stared blankly ahead, as if awaiting something. At that instant, the ornately carved, ebony wood doors slowly swung inwards. In the era of modern technology, automatic doors were seen as a basic commodity. Even working class households had no need to move their arms to open doors.

Therefore, these doors were amongst the man’s most prized possessions. But at that moment, he would much rather have had an automatic door which slid open in an instant, than the agonizingly slow pace at which the doors creaked open, sending shivers down his spine. Even though he could guess who was behind it, he was still hoping he was wrong.

Devon1 Solaris strolled into the room with a grace that seemed to say that the whole world stood at his feet. He had an aura of complete superiority which could force even the toughest to yield even though there wasn’t the slightest trace of hostility in his gaze. His perfect expression betrayed no emotion; his captivating looks, slender frame and overflowing charisma made people fall to their knees in worship. This had become especially apparent ever since he took over his father’s position and became a key player in the financial world. As the influence of the Solaris Federation expanded, he garnered looks of awe and admiration from every member of the conglomerate.

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Yu wo – eclipse hunter. vol 01