Yu wo. 1/2 prince. volume 5. conflict (chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Conflict – translated by Erihppas
“It seems that there are plenty of people in the Central Continent who refuse to recognize Prince as a superior.” Nan Gong Zui frowned thoughtfully after listening to White Bird’s description of that day’s events.
“I think that this is due to several factors: First, Prince’s level isn’t high enough; second, during the final battle of the Adventurer’s Tournament, Prince did not survive;

and third, being a spokesperson not only garnered the admiration of many, but also the jealousy of many others,” Wicked explained in detail.
Nan Gong Zui’s frown deepened. He looked at me worriedly, “Prince, the only thing you can do right now is train hard and raise your level.”
I shrugged. “That isn’t a problem. Compared to administrative work and military stuff, I’d rather train.”
“What’s even more important than leveling is building up your reputation!” White Bird declared decisively.
“Reputation?” Everyone was staring at White Bird, and apart from me, everyone appeared to agree with her. Really? Was I really not being respected enough?
“Wait a minute – how can I be lacking in reputation? Haven’t I always used the Blood Elf image in public?” I quickly argued. What kind of joke is this? I don’t want to be more esteemed! I would not be able to stand it if everyone worshipped me the way the five man band did.
White Bird looked at me with uncertainty and then hesitatingly explained, “My lord, your lack of reputation may be due to your appearance.”
“Appearance?” I was startled for the moment. What could be wrong with my appearance? Am I too handsome to be respected?
Yu Lian-dàsăo interjected suddenly, “You mean that Prince looks too young?”
White Bird hesitantly nodded her head. “If I may boldly ask, my lord, how old are you this year?”
At White’s Bird question, everyone shifted their gazes towards me, as though as they were measuring me up. Feeling uncomfortable under their scrutiny, I quickly answered, “I’m twenty.”
“Twenty? That’s older than I thought, but it’s still very young. Among the four other lords, it is said that the youngest is twenty-four. Not to mention that, my lord, you look like you are only seventeen or eighteen.” White Bird sighed with a disheartened expression.
Gui did not seem to agree. “His appearance is fine. More importantly, Prince rarely involves himself in the city’s day-to-day affairs. A lot of people have seen the other department leaders in the flesh, but they have only seen Prince as a photo on Second Life’s official website.”
I could not help but roll my eyes at Gui’s words. “It’s not my fault. Everyone pushed me into doing the concert tour before, and now I have to train hard. Where would I get the time to involve myself in the city’s day-to-day affairs?”
Everyone sighed at my words, and each of their faces held an expression of helplessness.
“This cannot go on. Our lord’s reputation must be established,” White Bird said, unusually determined. “And I will definitely think of something!”
For some unknown reason, I suddenly shuddered.
When I saw everyone kneeling before me, including the members of Odd Squad, Dark Emperor, Rose Team and others, I was totally at a loss on what to do. It didn’t make any difference that White Bird had already informed me of this event, this so called Oath of Allegiance ceremony.

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Yu wo. 1/2 prince. volume 5. conflict (chapter 2)