Youtube is getting 3d friendly

One of the problems of being a 3D movie fan, is finding content to watch. Sure there are a few anaglyph movies on YouTube, but anaglyph is far from the best 3D technology available. The trouble is, if you are making a 3D movie, how do you decide which is best?

Thanks to a YouTube boffin, you no longer have to decide. The somewhat experimental YT3D (YouTube 3D) tag allows you to choose one of up to a dozen different 3D viewing styles. You can find these videos by searching for this tag “yt3d:enable=true”.The resulting movies should show a drop down menu of viewing options. As far as I can see, the original needs to be side-by-side or parallel video as YouTube calls it. This is good news for people using headmounted video systems, like the Zeiss Cinemiser. By watching it on the iPhone or iPod touch, Cinemizer users can access tons of 3D content in the correct format for the glasses.

If you aren’t lucky enough for that, there are settings for every option of anaglyph glasses, whether you have Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta or Amber/Blue. There’s also an option for “cross eyes” format. It’s a bit low tech, and as a commenter on one video noted “if the wind changes when your eyes are crossed, they’ll stay like that”…you have been warned.

Joking aside, this is a very important development for getting 3D movie content to watch. At the moment there are almost a thousand movies up there, after just two months of the option being available. As word gets out, the movies there will progress from just experimentation, which it mostly is now, and we’ll have real movies to watch.

For the first time ever, it seems there is a legitimate source for 3D content that can be played on head mounted displays. This is important, as unlike wearing anaglyph glasses, head mounted displays like the Cinemeizer don’t mess with the colour balance, and are much less of a strain on the your eyes.

Now if we could get some of the Hollywood 3D movies available through iTunes, I’d be very happy indeed.

Source: 3dmoviedude. com

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Youtube is getting 3d friendly