Языки и жизнь / Languages and life

From the earliest times people need they way to communicate. During thousands of years they settled the Earth and so languages appeared.

Now too many languages (about 3000 – 5000), some families and groups are existing on our planet. The biggest family is Indo-European. We cannot imagine modern society without linguistic intercourse, more and more important becomes international intercourse, that’s why many people all over the world learn foreign languages.

It helps nations in politics, in economics and in social life. Diplomats negotiate with each other. Countries actively trade with each other. Scientists discuss global and regional problems at international forums, work up technologies in laboratories together. Cosmonauts from different states explore space Together. Actors, singers on tour all over the world. Translators translate books and give readers masterpieces of literature. Sportsmen take part in international competitions (for example, the Olympic

Games in Vancouver). And tourists visit sights of 5 continents.

The most diffused languages in the world are Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, French, Russian and Portuguese. I learn 4 of them: English, Chinese, Arabic and, of course, Russian. I hope that foreign languages will help me in future job and in all my life. Now I study them, because I like it. They are very different: English has a Latin alphabet, Arabic has alphabet too, but every letter has 4 forms. Chinese doesn’t have alphabet at all, it has about 50000 hieroglyphs. Their systems are different too. If English grammar resembles Russian, in Arabic vowel letters are not written. In Chinese we need a dictionary to pronounce hieroglyphs, because they don’t depend on sounds. But I think, all these languages, including English, sound very beautiful. And I read in a scientific article, that learning languages develops mental qualities, memory and logic.

So, you see how many reasons to learn languages exist and every man has his own reasons. And I think that it’s necessary to do it as early as possible.

Языки и жизнь / Languages and life