Я не понимаю! (Посвящается английскому) / I don’t understand! (Devoted to the English language)

What does it mean “to know English”? To know many words, grammar rules, to speak fluently…

No, that’s not enough! To know English well means to know it really well.

Don’t believe those who promise you good level of English in 3-4 years. It is a long, difficult, but exciting journey!

The language itself is not the highest barrier. There is more difficult one – cultural barrier. To know rules doesn’t mean to be able to communicate.

I think that cultural barrier is more difficult to overcome. Why?

We can’t feel and see it directly. It is invisible.

We know little or don’t pay too much attention to another culture.

Most of us consider our culture to be the only “right”. Everything that differs from it seems to be strange and unnatural. We like То measure other people`s corn by one`s own bushel.

We don’t understand why it is bad when being un the English family not to pay attention to the pet cat.

We don’t understand why it is not good to speak with the stranger in the street. In England the street is not for talking!

It’s very bad to ask questions about personal income… I don’t understand!

It’s impolite and even rude to correct somebody’s mistakes. Why?

Don’t take off your shoes coming into the house in England. It’s difficult to understand!

I gave only some examples of not understanding.

Recently I’ve found amazing facts.

Communication consists of:

7%- verbal means

38% – phonetics

55% – nonverbal means (eyes, gestures, body language and even smiles).

So it’s more important how we speak and not what we speak about!

And if you want to understand and to be understood don’t forget about culture of communication and cultural communication!

I understand!

When in Rome do as the Romans do!

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Я не понимаю! (Посвящается английскому) / I don’t understand! (Devoted to the English language)