Хочу рассказать тебе о своем любимом крае / I want to tell you about my favorite region

Hello, I want to tell you about this beloved province. This northern region, located on the territory of the Tomsk region, city Strezhevoj. The name comes from the Russian dialect Strezh.

Village Strezhevoj was built in the 1930 by special migrants. In 1966 the village was founded near the village Strezhevoj with 1967goda – pgt(поселок гор. типа). City since 1978. Strezhevoj is the center of oil and gas. Strezhevoj is young, soulful and dreamy city, there are a lot of poems about him. The city was only just 43 years. Come to us! I show you the monuments student construction teams, we will walkwith you for a small but cozy central square, be sure to look at the stele pioneers and founders of my hospitable city, take a look at the house of nature, fitness Comp “НЕФТЯНИК” Which on its packaging and set up facilities is one of three of the best sports complexes in Russia! Until 2004 in Russia, such a sports complex was only in St. Petersburg.

There you can relax and rest.

And what nature is here! Net taiga lakes, large meadows, taiga vriver. The city itself is in the cedar taiga, the beauty of the native land not be conveyed on a sheet of paper, because all need to feel and see myself, with my own eyes! In springtime there are first rostochki of the land, as if taking the first steps. In early summer, on marshy places matures vitamin-rich berry cloudberry. In the summer you will see how, colorful bloom, lush hats flowers.

You know, you will not be sorry that you come to my city at this time of year. The guests of our city wonder whether the day, or night, when it falls into the realm of white nights! We can walk with you on the streets, dreaming, talking, watching the city at night. And when the morning comes, we hear the hum begin their morning songs titmouse, see how to revive my favorite city.

With the onset of the autumn term tree crown yellowing. Approaching time golden autumn, and then comes the winter, which transforms the city into a winter fairy tale.

At this time we have fierce, hard frost. Around one frost, all the trees bloom in white. Everywhere the mist, shine and shimmer under the rays of sunshine. Maybe someone is not like it, but you never know about this Siberian winter, not having been in this small, beautiful nature, rich city Strezhevoj.

Strezhevoj is a city of my childhood, my happiness, a lot of pleasant memories, albeit not very bright, but very wonderful and memorable years of my life that will forever leave a trace in my memory. Most of the time I spent there I remembermy kindergarten “Golden Key” which I attended with great pleasure, there were great and the good teachers, which did not want to leave. In the summer I was with my family and relatives went to the cottage, went fishing, sunbathing on the roofs of wooden houses, bathed in the lake, in large barrels, hosed with cold water from a hose, riding bicycles, carts, was on a boat, gathering berries and mushrooms. In general, there we always found something to do at the time, while the adults were engaged in their affairs.

To say I do not like – palter, say love-gloss, here I spent my childhood, here I was born and grew up, lived here my beloved grandparents, and as if it was, but about the place where you spent most of his life simply can not say. In the city I live in Tomsk is the 11th year, here I`m comfortable and good, but I still miss my hometown. Compared with the Tomsk Strezhevoj – very quiet – you can take a break from the mad pace of life.

The city is very small andclean compared to other big cities! It smells of nature, and not smoke, dust and dirt. Walking through the city, you can find branches of Tomsk State Architectural University and Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, so that learning here is where!

People in this town a different kind nature.

Strezhevoj – a city where people have a relative material well-being and, most recently created good conditions of life. Next – will be even better.

Earlier, in contrast to many other northern cities, is struck by the almost complete absence of orthodox churching people (a tiny church with a minimum of parishioners).History shows that these cities and nations have no future…Now in place of the first small wooden churches built large, beautiful church with huge domes and high gates, in addition, now under construction in the town mosque. In one book I read the phrase “Maybe there is light at the ground better and richer, but we have not decided to abandon the mother just because her face was wrinkled”. The phrase I can be attributed to his native land.

Come quick! I wait for you, I will try to bring you a lot of pleasure from meeting with my city! Sincerely Smyshlyaeva Veronica, the city of Tomsk.

Хочу рассказать тебе о своем любимом крае / I want to tell you about my favorite region