William’s winter holiday

William goes to a School Party

It was December. William was very happy because he liked holidays very much. All his friends Ginger, Henry, Joan and others asked him t o their parties. The children danced round the fir-tree played games and had very nice things to eat. One day there was a party at school. Ethel and William went to the party together. There was some very nice ice-cream at the school party, and William ate very much.

“Oh, William, you are greedy.” Ethel said. “This Is the tenth ice-cream yoir are eating. What will people think of you?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Ethel,” William answered. “Every time I go to get another ice-cream. 1 tell them it`s for you!”

“Whom Shall We Ask to Your Party!”

When Ethel and William came home from the school party Mrs. Brown was sitting in the dining-room. She had a pencil in her hand and there was a piece of paper on the table before her. When she saw William she said, “Now, William, let’s see whom we`ll ask to your party. You say the names of your friends and I shall write them down.”

“Ginger and Douglas and Henry and Joan,” said William quickly.

“Yes, who else?”

“I want the clown from the circus, Mother!”

“You can’t have the clown, William. Don’t be silly! You can go and play now and I shall ask all the children that I know.”

William Meets Sheila.

As William walked down a street, he saw a little girl. She was sitting on the doorstep, looking at him with her blue eyes. It was winter, but the girl had no coat on.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Sheila. What’s yours?”


“I shall tell you something if you come and sit down by me,” said the girl.

“What will you tell me?” said William and sat down

by her.

“Something that you don’t know,” said the little girl.

“Well?” William asked.

“Do you know,” said the little girl, “that there is a man whose name is Father Frost and he comes on New Year’s Eve and brings presents for people?”

Father Frost

William laughed. “I am not a little boy to believe that,” said William.

“But It Is true,” said the little girl.

“And,” the little girl went on, “Father Frost brings all the presents that you want if you write him a nice letter.”

William looked down at the little girl. He was sorry for her. He asked, “What do you want for New Year’s Day?”

“You won’t tell if I tell you?”


“Well,” she said, “my father has no work now and my mother is very ill. “We have nothing to eat. I don’t want any toys. I wrote a letter to Father Frost and I said that I wanted only a nice dinner for Father, Mother and my brothers and sisters.”

“Do you think Father Frost will bring you the dinner?” William asked.

“Of course!” said Sheila. “I know he will. I wrote him such a nice letter. “William was sorry for the little girl and so he thought of a plan. He said “Good-bye” to Sheila and went home.

William’s Party

William’s mother asked many boys and girls lo his party, and in the evening everything was ready for his friends. There were many nice things on the table in the dining-room. When the children were playing and dancing round the New Year tree in William’s room, Mrs. Brown went Into the dining-room and put some apples on the

Table. There were 15 boys and girls at William’s party and there was more than enough food for all of them.

William Wants to Be Father Frost

All the children were very happy and they danced and jumped and laughed.

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William’s winter holiday