Why part 1 – why don’t i always feel god

Why don’t I feel the presence of God? Why do good things happen to bad people? Why am I here? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?

The scripture says if you will seek your Heavenly Father, you will find Him. And He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. So, oftentimes you feel so close to God, why is it at other times you feel like He’s so far away? Well, that cute little kid, his name is Steven, but we call him Booky. I want to welcome all of our campuses, all of our video teaching experiences, those of you viewing on the Internet around the world. Thank you today for being a part. We’re starting a brand new series. It is called, “Why?” Next week, we’ll deal with the topic, “Why does it seem like God doesn’t answer my prayers?” Everybody else prays, and their prayers seem to get answered, but often it feels like mine are hitting the ceiling. Today, though, we are going to deal with the question, “Why don’t I always feel the presence of God?”

At all of our campuses, if you guys would participate, how many of you would say that at some point in your life, you honestly believe that you’ve felt the presence of God? Raise your hands up. Hand up. A lot of people say yes. How about today? How many of you at all of our campuses would say during worship today, I’ve felt the presence of God during worship today. Some hands go up. Some hands don’t. For those of you that do have your hands up, and you would say, “I’ve felt the presence of God in worship today,” I would ask you, how do you know? How do you know? You might say, “Well, I just know.” How do you know that you’ve felt God’s presence? Some people might say, “Well, I, I cried”, and the presence of God can cause you to cry in a worshipful sense. Some people might say, “I had a tingly feeling, goose bumps.” Others might say, “I have a warm

sensation,” and the reality is that the presence of God can give you those feelings and many, many others.

In the presence of God, people often cry. They often cry cutting onions, as well. How do you know? You might say, “Well, the presence of God, and yes, the presence of God can give you goose bumps. So can sitting close to your girlfriend. Well, the presence of God can give you a warm sensation. Very true. So can going to the bathroom in a swimming pool. Sorry about that. How do you know if you experience the presence of God? And for those of you who say, “Well, I didn’t experience God, but others did.” The question would be for you, “Whose fault is it?” Is it God’s fault? And God said, “I’m going to reveal Myself to most people, but not you. I’m just going to yack with you today.” Is it your fault? Is it somebody else’s fault? Why is it that at times in your life it really seems you are experiencing the consistent presence of God. At other times, it’s kind of like, “God, are You even there?”

We’re going to look today at some Biblical reasons as to why, perhaps, you are not experiencing the presence of God. Why do I always feel God? Let’s talk about some possibilities. The first one is this: Maybe for you, like others, you occasionally are over sensationalizing it. Why don’t I feel the presence of God? May you are looking for the (singing: oo-dooo-oo-doo-oo-doo ooooooo). Over sensational acts of God. Some of Christ’s followers in the scriptures, they were wanting to do some miracles, and they basically said it this way: They said, “We want to do some works of God.

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Why part 1 – why don’t i always feel god