Why men say ‘i love you’ first

Why Men Say ‘I Love You’ First.

The popular conception is that it’s women who usually utter the three little words “I love you”.

However new research published in the June edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that men are more likely to make the first declaration.

The study involved interviews with 205 heterosexual men and women. While researchers found that 64% of the group believed that women would be first, the opposite was in fact found to be true. Men were actually more likely to profess their love and do so a full six weeks before women think it’s the right time said study co-author Josh Ackerman, a psychologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

So Why the rush?

Studies demonstrate that saying and hearing ‘I love you’ has different meanings depending on who is doing the confessing and when those confessions are made.

According to the study men were more likely to say the words if they had not had sex in the relationship, however women were more likely to wait until they had.

Researchers concluded that men liked hearing “I love you” because sex would be more likely, while women considered the confession one of commitment.

“Men may be more impulsive in the way they express love, but what love means to men and what love means to women may be very different,” Ackerman said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

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Why men say ‘i love you’ first