What makes a good friend

On average each person makes an amazing 363 friends in their life – but only six of them will be true friends! We carried out a global survey to find out what makes a “good friend”:

A friend should be there for you all the time, not just when they
Want to be. They will keep in touch even though you may be far
Apart. Some of my closest friends live abroad but it doesn’t really
Make a lot of difference.
Maciek, 19, Poland

To me a good friend is someone who you have a lot in common
With. You can share your beliefs and passions with them. l’m very
Lucky as I have three or four people like that but I’m still looking for
My soulmate.
Haruki, 25, Japan

I think a good friend is somebody who you can trust and tell secrets to.
They will never lre to you. lf I ever found out that a friend of mine had
Lied to me, I know I couldn’t be friends with them anymore.
Emily, 14, Britain

I think that a true friend is someone who you can feel completely
Comfortable with and you don’t have to make yourself into someone
You’re not. They should accept you for who you are and not try to
Change you,
Mercedes, 31, Spain

I don’t think you need to have known someone for ages for them to be
A really good friend. But I do think that they should be there when you
Feel down or whenever you really need them.
Rachel, L5, New Zealand

A good friend is someone who listens to you but, at the same time,
Doesn’t just agree with everything you say. They should definitely tell
You if they think you’re making a mistake although that can be hard.
Debbie, 23, South Africa

I think you know someone will be a really good friend as soon as you
Meet them. You just click straightaway. Then, the most important
Thing is trust. You have to know they will always look out for you and
Be totally loyal to you.
Stefano, 21, ltaly

It’s someone who is kind, has a good sense of humour, someone who
Forgives easily! Sometimes I’m not very nice to my best friend but she
Knows I don’t mean it, so she doesn’t mind really.
Lanza, 16, USA

For me to call someone a really good friend, we have to see eye to eye
On most things. I don’t need to have contact all the time but, when I
Do, I definitely want to feel we’re on the same wavelength.
Mick, 35, lreland

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What makes a good friend