What is your message saying about you

You have a message. A very important message, because it’s yours. Your message is different and special because it is unique to you. There will only ever be one of you forever. Isn’t that an astonishing thought? Even though you may have heard this many times before, stop for a moment to feel how profound that truth is. Take a big breath, and notice what comes up for you and how your body feels when you allow yourself to take that in.

For entrepreneurs, your message is key. It’s how people know you, what you’re offering, what distinguishes you, and why someone would want to buy from you. In your marketing you focus on getting your message out so that you can provide the products and services that are the core of your business. Traditionally the message of marketing was not the same as your message, your unique message. But all that is changing now.

We are in the midst of an entrepreneurial explosion arising from the demise of the old order. It’s

a turbulent, challenging, provocative time. You get to decide if it’s exciting or frightening. Fear and excitement are the same energy, the same intensity, interpreted differently. Excitement can be accessed when you turn your attention to your message. Because now, more than ever before in the past, you are able to combine your message, and the message of your marketing, into your unique business. This is how you can contribute to retooling the economy around that which truly matters.

So what’s your message? If you feel stuck knowing what your message is, you are in good company. That’s because you may have been told as a child not to think of yourself as special, not to be different, to fit in, to learn the ropes, to play the game, to toe the line, to make your way in the world based on the experience and knowledge of your parents and your teachers. And hey, of course they were doing the best they knew how to do for you given their experience and their perspective. And they wanted to train you to be capable and safe in the world as they knew it. But the world we’re living in now is not the world they grew up and came of age in. It’s not even the world you grew up. Because everything is changing.

Or maybe you were told you were special, and had an affirmative upbringing, and yet still, you don’t really know what makes you special. Other people probably had their ideas about what that means. And even the very idea of “special” means that you are separate, different, better than, and that might not have sat well with you. I mean, who wants to be special if it means you’ll be on the outside? Some people are able to take that idea and run with it, but for others it’s not very appealing. There can a lot of baggage around that word and that feeling.

Whatever your experience, know that your message is special, your message is needed. Because now is the time of awakening. And awakening means owning yourself. Truly owning and taking responsibility for yourself, your life, your business, and your relationships. Knowing that you have value. And when you connect that with the heart of your business-whether your business is a glimmer in your eye or something you’ve been doing for years-when you connect your deepest self, your message, and your marketing, you’ve got a powerful combination. And you are needed. Your message is needed. The quiet persistent voice within you has something very important to say. And your wisdom is needed as we step into a New World Age.

By Maggie Sale Ostara

What is your message saying about you