What is stress

Homeward bound – возвращающийся домой, направляющийся на родину
Eustress – положительный стресс, эвстресс
Distress – физическая боль, недомогание, горе, несчастье, душевное страдание
Stressor – стресс-фактор, стрессор, фактор стресса
Nomadic – кочевой, кочующий
Wear and tear of life – жизненные передряги
Finite – ограниченный, имеющий предел
Liken уподоблять (to); сравнивать; приравнивать (to, with)
Draw on – черпать, заимствовать, использовать
Eventually – в конечном счете, в итоге, в конце концов; со временем
Vicious circle – порочный круг

It is different things to different people. To a mountaineer it is the challenge of pushing physical resources to the limit by striving to achieve a demanding goal. To the homeward bound motorist it can be heavy traffic and exhaust fumes. To the student it can be exam pressure.

Take a piece of paper and write the word stress at the top. Now write down all the words and images that come to your mind as you think about this word.

Most people respond to the word stress in negative ways. They see it as a destructive force. However, not all stress is negative. The word eustress has been coined to describe positive stress. Eustress is the type of stress you are likely to experience when you inherit a large amount of money or receive an unexpected promotion or reward. Eustress is the stress of winning and achieving.

Negative stress is distress. It is the stress of losing, failing, overworking and not coping. Distress affects people in

a negative often harmful manner. We all experience distress from time to time. It is a normal, unavoidable part of living.
Stressors Cause Stress
Stress results from failure to adequately cope with stressors. Stressors could be loud noise, uncomfortable air-conditioning, debts, ringing telephones, broken relationships, unrealistic deadlines, discouragement, fear, pain and thousands of other things that impact upon us in the normal course of life.

It is impossible to avoid stressors. The only totally stress-free state is death! Stressors will always be there because we live in an imperfect and unpredictable world which is going to cause us to frequently get stressed. We experience stress as the body adjusts to the external demands placed upon it. Our body constantly seeks to maintain stability and stress is usually sensed as the body readjusts to too much pressure.

We need to assist our bodies to cope with being stressed because our natural biological stress-adjustors are not ideally suited to the demands of modern living. Our bodies are well suited to cope with the distressing events faced by our primitive ancestors. The stressors faced by humans conditioned to a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle are obviously different to the distressing lifestyle of today.

Our distant ancestors needed chemical responses that are inappropriate today. If you physically ran away from your workplace whenever things got on top of you then this would not enhance your standing in the Organisation. Conversely if you punch the boss on the nose when he/she gives you a tough time then the resulting dismissal and assault charges will generate considerably greater levels of distress.

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What is stress