Vacancy – project manager multifaceted digital marketing firm

Project Manager Multifaceted Digital Marketing Firm (Hancock Park)

We are a well-established yet ambitious Los Angeles based digital marketing firm presently looking for an extremely talented Project Manager. The firm focus is on both the development of in-house initiatives/partnerships as well as client based work. Clients span a broad array of industries, ranging from sexy to staid, and include multiple Inc. 500 companies. Projects include online and offline centric ventures. We take our work more seriously than ourselves.

Skills/Qualifications – possess all or much of the following:

Degree (BA/BS/+)
Expertise in managing development projects
Impeccable writing skills
Current with online marketing trends
Programming/Design skills
Social Media experience
SEO expertise
Experience managing PPC campaigns
Experience Blogging
Lead Generation

About You:
You are a nice, honest, fun, intelligent and a culturally well informed person. You are motivated and hard working.
You may have really liked The Royal Tenenbaums but don’t claim to love every Wes Anderson.

Position Description:

-Collaborate with the business development side of our team to devise and design highly strategic ( & at times nuanced) marketing campaigns,

-Collaborate with in-house personnel and/or any outside resources, to begin executing said campaign, they may not always get it but you will show them the light and guide the way,

-Manage the day-to-day tasks and to-dos required to execute campaigns, and because we like to get silly with it, you decide to get down and dirty too,

-So you write killer copy for client sites, blogs and ads, but save your real jazz for company projects, no seriously you’re starting to make people feel kind of stupid ’round here,

-You call developer and let him know his accent is Valley but his

code is Bali,

-Supervise AdWords campaigns, SEO strategies & execution, digital advertising, social media, viral campaigns & distribution, events etc.

-You’re like Davy Crockett (or Daniel Boone?) Tracking and analyzing all key metrics,

-You know who Davy Crockett is (the song scores gravy points),

-Evaluate personnel performance – acknowledge the stars and nurture the space cadets, you encourage learning from mistakes and take the time to highlight the lessons,

-Report, dissect and analyze results with business development,

-Business development guy acknowledges that you were right all along (i. e. you’re nailing it),

-You call business development guy while he is on vacation and talk for hours, because the sheer genius of your idea is uncontainable,

-Business development guy orders cot to room,

-It’s all cool.

Key attributes that you possess:

Project Manager say, Project Manager do:
It takes lots of moving parts and people to effectively run any business, especially one like ours. The progress of a whole team is often dependent on one person completing their tasks. It is important to you, especially as the Project Manager, that you get your work done on time. You inspire others to do so as well.

Excellent work ethic:
It is the passion and pride you have for your work that carries you to the office each day. Your step is quick coming in yet slow to leave. (might be a little farfetched but it sounds nice)

Excellent communicator:
You’ll be working, collaborating and communicating with marketing technicians, designers, copywriters, journalists, PR firms and some Rain Man like programmers (though not as social).

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Vacancy – project manager multifaceted digital marketing firm