В жизни нет ничего невозможного / There is Nothing Unreal in this Life

“There is nothing unreal in the life until a person is alive”. These are the words that my Mom has been saying to me all my life. I consider them the greatest words in the world and I even can`t imagine what I would do if I didn`t know them.

The world is the place of different countries with their own cultures, people with their life, problems and dreams. Routine and work plunged the mankind into the abyss of the grey days. There are many people all over the world whom we can call “the grey mass”. They can`t see anything except work-days and they say that there is no place for miracles in this world. A typical life, which is limited just to working, bringing up children, travelling to the seaside once a year, is the best version for them. This kind of people Consider that celebrities aren`t just ordinary people but maybe even they`ve come here from some other planet!

As for me, I don`t think so. I`m hundred percent sure that celebrities are not some creatures from space and there is human blood in their veins. They are people like us with their families, problems and plans for the future. Most of them had a bad childhood. Their problems were with fathers who often were alcoholics, relations with the schoolmates who laughed at them, problems with their health and many more problems which made them strong inside and that`s why they decided to do a challenge to their destiny and prove everybody that they are not just guys who were always laughed at and beaten but independent personalities who have everything best in this world and have Achieved everything. And many of them did it! For example Arnold Schwarzenegger had big problems with his father who didn`t like him much and often humiliated him. And that is why our hero decided to go to the gym and has made his body as we can see it now. The fact is that in the time of World War 2 Arnold`s father Gustav was a member of the

Nazi party in Austria. When Arnold came to The USA

and began to try himself in Hollywood films he had a lot of problems with his father`s past. An American film director Dino De Laurentiis once called him “a fascist”. But nevertheless Arnold Schwarzenegger did his best and achieved his zeal and now his is not only an American film star and hero of teenagers but also Governor of the state of California.

These people are not so Inaccessible as we suppose. To prove that I checked it on my own experience.

When I was 13 years old I wrote a letter to Jackie Chan. That time I didn`t know English well and with a great number of mistakes I asked him to send me his autographed photo. A month later I received it. I found an envelope in my post box with an autographed photo of Jackie in it.

Once I December I called to Arnold Schwarzenegger to congratulate him on Christmas. I called to Sacramento, California where his governor`s residence is. That time he was out of work because of his broken leg. His operator answered me and said that she would tell the governor about my call and my congratulations.

One and a half year ago I wrote a little detective story and sent it to the World Kickboxing Champion and American film star Don “The Dragon” Wilson. He answered me and wrote that it`s an interesting story and I should continue and develop it further if I wanted to become a Hollywood screenwriter. I couldn`t believe me eyes!

One year ago I wrote a letter to the American country singer Lee Greenwood. I saw him in one episode of my favourite TV-show called “Walker, Texas Ranger”. I asked him to send me his photo. I sent it and forgot about it. But in the middle ofDecember I received a parcel from the USA. I saw his name and address on it. Me heart began to beat faster. When I opened it I found his autographed photo and… a CD with his best songs called “The Best Of Lee Greenwood”. Some time later I emailed his band member called Paul Arntz and asked for A lyrics

Of Lee`s song called “If You`ll Let This Fool Back In”, which was included on the CD. He answered and said that he`d sent my request to Mr. Greenwood and I would receive that lyrics soon from Lee personally. A week later this great singer sent it to me.

Also I wrote to an American karate champion and film star Bob Wall. He starred with Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee in the late seventies. The fact is that I practice taekwondo, and that time I couldn`t perform the famous flying kick which looks so magnificent on the silver screen. That`s why I asked for advice. He described in details how I should do it and said that I should practice it using a bag. A couple of weeks of training – and now I can do that kick! Thanks to Bob Wall.

To speak in a nutshell, people shouldn`t limit themselves to an ordinary life and think that there is something unreal in the life. Everything is real! Even those creatures from space whom we call “celebrities” turned out to be men.

“There is nothing unreal in the life until a person is alive!” I live by these words, just as my Mom told me.

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В жизни нет ничего невозможного / There is Nothing Unreal in this Life