Unicredit broadens its social commitment to the uefa champions league sponsorship

This year’s UEFA Champions League Final online campaign “Make a kid smile” and internal initiatives become active tools for UniCredit’s responsible engagement in football sponsorship.

For every supporter of “Make a kid smile” UniCredit Foundation will donate 10 Euros for a social inclusion project that promotes fairness, team spirit and mutual respect among children, leveraging on football schools.

UniCredit gives its UEFA Champions League sponsorship a social meaning by dedicating this year’s Final-related initiatives to a good cause. “Make a kid smile” and an internal pendant encourage employees and the wider public to support UniCredit and the UniCredit Foundation in taking care about local communities. The initiatives will offer help where help is needed in the countries where the Group is present.

“Football is a game of great emotions, also full of ups and downs, just like real life. With a set of external

and internal activities flanking the Final 2011, UniCredit underlines its commitment towards the football community that goes beyond the sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and reaches social inclusion projects, with the aim to deliver a concrete benefit to local communities and to those in need”, says Maurizio Beretta, Head of Identity and Communications at UniCredit.

Make a kid smile

Under the motto “Make a kid smile” UniCredit calls on everyone to join the Group in bringing the unifying spirit of football to kids. For every supporter who will send a smiling picture to a dedicated website, UniCredit Foundation, the corporate philanthropy body of UniCredit, will contribute 10 Euros – up to a maximum amount of 200.000 EUR – to the “Open Fun Football Schools”, a project that promotes the values of fairness, team spirit and mutual respect among children living in divided societies. The “Open Fun Football Schools” is a humanitarian initiative led by an international charity that targets boys and girls from 7 to 12 years old using joyful games and the pedagogical “Fun Football concept” as tools to stimulate peaceful coexistence, gender equality, tolerance and social cohesion in countries and communities affected by war and ethnic conflicts.

The campaign can be actively supported until 29 May, 2011, by uploading a smiling picture on www. make-a-kid-smile. eu. The “KIDSMILE-ME”-App converts the picture in a smiling face and after registration becomes part of a gallery, called the KidSmile Arena. As the official UniCredit Ambassador for the UEFA Champions League sponsorship and generous fundraiser, Luis Figo will strongly endorse the campaign with a video and by providing himself a picture with a smile.

According to Maurizio Carrara, Chairman of UniCredit Foundation, “this initiative demonstrates how sport and social commitment can go together. We hope that many fans, through uploading their picture, will make us donate significantly for this valuable and far reaching project”.

Additionally, until 4 May, 2011, in some selected countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia) fans can win premium tickets for the Final match in London. And for those who will register online at an early stage to support the “Make a kid smile” campaign, there will also be the chance to get the original confetti of the UEFA Champions League Final Wembley 2011 that traditionally rain down on the champions during the trophy hand-over ceremony.

Unicredit broadens its social commitment to the uefa champions league sponsorship