Ukrsotsbank supports “easter fantasy” children exhibition in rivne city

Children’s exhibition “Easter fantasy” will take place 25 April, 2011 in ‘Autograd’ automotive center.

Festive exhibition of children’s works, Easter greetings and contests will be devoted to Easter. Bright Eggs, Rivne VSD performance group, guaranteed prizes to all participants – all these will be held in a warm friendly atmosphere of the Easter holiday in the Honda auto salon.

Children can also take part in the “Easter Fantasy” competition. Winners are to be announced during grand exhibition on 25 April. Participants will enjoy super prizes, including: cameras, DVD-players, i-Pod, etc.

Ukrsotsbank is always happy to support charitable initiatives aimed at supporting children’s talents and develop their abilities. For example, this spring Ukrsotsbank supported orphanages in frames of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Sewing equipment for orphanages was purchased during this program. It’s not the first time that Ukrsotsbank supports the well-known musical event – Competition of Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz that discovers really talented people in our country.

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Ukrsotsbank supports “easter fantasy” children exhibition in rivne city