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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island is situated on the British Isles not far from Europe. It consists of the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of Ireland and a great number of small islands, such as the Orkneys, the Hebrides, the Isle of White and many others.

If you look at the map of Europe you will see that Great Britain is not large. It takes 6 hours to travel in a fast train, from London, the capital of England, to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. And the journey from London to Plymouth takes a little over 4 hours by train.

There are four parts of Great Britain: England, whose capital is London, Scotland, whose capital is Edinburgh, Wales, whose capital is Cardiff and Northern Island whose capital is Belfast. Great Britain lies not far from continent. It is separated from Europe by the North Sea and England Channel. The channel in it’s narrowest part The Strait of Dover is only 32 kilometers.

Great Britain has a very good geographical position, as it lies on the crossways of the sea routes from Europe to other parts of the world.

The sea connects Britain with most European countries such as: Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Russia and many other countries. The main sea route from Europe to America also passed through the channel. British climate is mild and damp. It often rains, frogs are quite frequent, especially in the west and south-west. The Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current, warms the seas around the British coast, moderating the climate. This results in cool summers and mild winters. The temperature in winter seldom falls below zero and fields and meadows are green all year round.

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UK 1