Two moral stories for children

Haste Makes Waste and A Greedy Mind is the Mother of All Evils.

Lily was poor women. She had a little son called Kevin, she a mongoose as her pet animal at home. She called her Kitty. She lived in a small hut on a river-side. Whenever she went out, Kitty would look after Kevin. Kitty could understand the language of lily. Lily love kitty very much. As usual then, Lily went to the river to wash the clothes. She asked Kitty to look after Kevin. Kevin was asleep inside the house.

After sometime, kitty saw a snake inside the hut. He thought that the snake might kill Kevin. So, Kitty jumped upon a snake and killed it.

When lily came back, she saw a blood on the face of Kitty. Lily thought that kitty had killed Kevin. She became angry. So, she took the long stick and beat the mongoose. The mongoose cried a loud and died.

Hearing the cry of kitty the child woke up from the sleep. When lily entered the hut she saw the smiling Kevin inside. There she saw a dead snake also. She then understood that it was kitty that saved her Kevin from the snake. She felt sorry from killing the mongoose. In hurry she had committed her blunder.

A greedy mind is the mother of all evils

Rambo was a poor farmer. He lived in a village. He had a son name Nathan. When Rambo became old he wanted to teach his son how to earn money. So, one day he sends Nathan to the market with a bag of wheat. He told Nathan to sell the wheat and make more money with that.

Nathan went to the market. On the way, he was thinking about the ways to become rich. In the market he sold his wheat and got a lot of money. Then he bought a duck. He thought that he would be able to get money from the eggs of the duck. Thus he reached home.

To his surprise, the next day, the duck laid a golden egg. Later, the laid one golden egg, he sold the egg and got a lot of money. Then he thought “If I kill the duck and take all the eggs from it, I can become rich easily.”

Next day, he took a knife and killed a duck. He opens its belly, but could not find any egg there. He became sad. He was ashamed of his foolishness.

So be happy with what you have

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Two moral stories for children