For tourists yearning to escape the crowd (go where there are not many people) wander off the beaten track (go to place tourists don’t normally go) and get back to nature (live a natural, rural style of life), Suriname increasingly looks a promising choise (a choice which could be a very good one). Nobody in Suriname claims that the country boasts (this use of boast is for listing the good qualities of a place) the best sand, sea and sun in the Caribbean. But that, in a way, is precisely the point: there aren’t hordes (crowds, in a negative sense) of people either.

As Henk Essed, director of the Suriname Tourism Foundation, observes: “We don’t really need masses of tourists like we have in the rest of the Caribbean. Instead, Suriname’s modest tourism sector (tourist industry) focuses on what makes the country different. The biggest attraction for visitors seeking something out of the ordinary (common collocation: looking for something defferentunusual) is the wealth of (large amount of) wildlife. Large tracts (areas of land, collocates with large, vast, huge) of the country are still covered by virgin (original and natural) rainforest, home to a huge range of flora and fauna.

There is great potential to develop ecotourism (holidays that respect the environment) as one of the major sources of income in the near future, says Harold Sijlbing, managing director of Stinasu, an organisation which promotes conservation of wildlife and ecological awareness.

Travel advertisements:
1. Unwind in Estera, recharge in Postalia, all from under 500
Unwind – relax, reduce your general level of stress
Recharge – gat back your energy (like recharging a battery)

2. Taste of the bush: all travel in air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles
Bush – a term for the wild, tree – or grass-covered areas of Africa or Australia.

3. Waterfront villas, self-catering, sleep up to six

– on the edge of the sea or of a river

4. Guided tours for the discerning traveller. Ancient sites in modern comfort.
Descerning – who knows what he/she wants in terms of good quality.

5. Stunning locations. Unbeatable prices. Phone now
Stunning – extremely beautiful
Unbeatable – no other company can offer cheaper ones for the same service

6. Awe-inspiring national parks
Awe-inspiring – it fills you with a sense of the power and beauty of what you are looking at.

7. Rambles, hikes and treks. Unrivalled programme.
Ramble – is a long, pleasant walk, not too demanding.
Hike – is more demanding, suggesting more difficult terrain.
Trek – is usually of several days over wild country

8. Savour the renowned landscapes in our heartland.
Savour – a word typically used in advertisements meaning enjoy
Heartland – the inland areas furthest away from the sea or from borders with other countries.

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