Top social networks – rumours, expectations and plans

What can’t be doubted is that the modern world is all about communication. We talk in real life, exchange messages, speak on the phone and, of course, chat online. Here, since the recent swell of innovative internet technologies, it’s definitely the virtual communication, which rules both in business and personal relationships.

Yet, unlike the past years, when the appearance of versatile messengers seemed to be a real revolution, the latest stunning fame, actually, goes to social networks, which have become more, than a simple finder of your old friend, but rather an amazing mix of advertising, data exchange and the huge storage of files, not to mention daily communication between users.

It has already become obvious, that although the current statistics shows a bit of decrease in popularity of the largest social networks, their essentiality in different spheres of life isn’t likely to decline in the upcoming decades at least. Much because of that, all

modern software grandees are now striving to join the global social network community not only to keep their reputation of being innovative, but to use the chance of earning money in such a way. Only the most naïve of all the naïve still don’t get that it’s all about money, after all)).

Anyway, you all probably remember the incredible amount of fuss with the release of Google+ lately, even though the service isn’t still working for 100%. And now, guess what? Rumour has it, that the next player on the social network market is going to be Microsoft.

And even though the managers try to look natural, when lying that the info leak has nothing to do with reality, at least for today, the news has spread in seconds.

I was shocked too, when heard it, as it’s really hard to predict, if they will be able to create something really special for users, or will just present the mediocre site with all standard features. But for now, they have managed to make people curious, and, surely, have increased the total cost of the company, well, yeah, as I’ve said, it’s all about money.

Then, a thought suddenly flashed in my mind: what if the huge file-sharing sites also introduced their own social service? Really, hm, let’s take any of them, which has millions of users, like 4shared, for example. At the moment, the number of people, possessing accounts at 4shared. com, has reached 15,000,000. Let’s magine, that the company launches its social network…They will get at least several million users in a day or two, not to mention the new ones. And the popularity, I guess, that the popularity of 4shared will become not just global, like it is now, but totally universal.

Well, again, we’ll see…But the upcoming perspectives are great, that’s true.

Stay cool, guys)

Top social networks – rumours, expectations and plans