To find something amazing

Every day, first thing in the morning, figure out Something Amazing that you want to work on today.

It can be anything: a big project at work, creating your own business, learning programming or web development skills, writing a song, taking photographs, anything. It should be something that excites you, that will change your life at least in some small way. It should compel you to work on it because you’re inspired, excited, motivated.

Some people are lucky enough to know what that is every day. I’m one of those: I love writing, and I always have some blog post or book to write (often too many to choose from). I just need to choose the particular thing to write about.

Others haven’t found their passion yet, and that’s OK. You don’t need to make a huge life decision today. All you need to do is pick something that sounds fun – it could be a project you have at work, or a potential hobby, or learning a new skill, or learning how to start your own business. It doesn’t matter what you pick – because if you’re wrong, you can pick something
Different tomorrow.

Some ideas – but not by any means an exhaustive list – of what Something Amazing might be:

” A manifesto that will change your business, industry, or personal life.
” An exciting new way of reaching potential customers.
” That great novel you always wanted to write.
” A painting, sketch, comic.
” A screenplay, play, short story, new type of fiction.
” A blog post that will help others.
” A new non-profit organization to help others.
” A lesson that will Wow your students.
” A craft activity that your kids will get a thrill out of.
” A community garden to share with your neighbors.
” A new invention, an idea for a website, an improvement on a classic idea.
” Crazy new fashion, beautiful clothes, hand-crafted jewelry.
” Philosophy. Poetry. Wooden furniture.
” Ikebana.
” Something beautiful. Something profound. Something life-changing.
” Something small, but that will have some kind of impact.
” Something that improves the lives of others.
” Something that changes your own life.
” Something that simplifies to the essential.

You get the idea. It can be almost anything.

You’re not locking yourself in to this choice for life – just for today, or at least a little bit of today. Try something out, see how it goes.

(c) focus
A simplicity manifesto in the
Age of Distraction
Leo Babauta

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To find something amazing