Thieves use breasts to distract victim


Police in France are looking for two attractive female thieves who bared their breasts at a man at a cash point to distract him before stealing his money.
The women in their 20s exposed themselves to the victim as he punched his pin code into an ATM machine in Paris.

Punch – to push a button or key on a machine:
Just punch the button to select a track.
ATM (automated teller machine) a machine outside a bank that you use to get money from your account (= cashpoint)

As he stared at one, the other then withdrew 300 euros from his account before the pair fled with the money.

Withdraw – to take money out of a bank account
I’d like to withdraw £500 from my current account.
Flee – (written) to leave somewhere very quickly, in order to escape from danger:
His attackers turned and fled.

The incident was captured on CCTV at the cash machine on Paris’s Left Bank, but the women could not be identified, a French police spokesman said.
“We would advise anyone withdrawing cash from a machine to focus on what they are doing and not allow themselves to be distracted, however attractive the view,” the spokesman added.

CCTV = closed circuit television

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Thieves use breasts to distract victim