The winchester mystery

One night Mrs Joyce Boweles was driving her car from Winchester to Chilcomb with a friend of the family, Mr Ted Pratt.
Suddenly they saw an orange light in the sky. The car started to shake and Mrs Bowles couldn’t control it. Some unknown power lifted it, then pushed to the left, then stopped the engine and switched off the lights.
“It was then that we saw a cigar-shaped object about five yards long. There were three figures inside,” said Mrs Bowles. The three figures were the crew ot the UFO. Mrs Bowles said that she had never been so frightened before.
At first, the alien crew looked like ordinary people. They were wearing silver clothes. Then an alien came out of the UFO. He was quite tall and seemed to be aout forty-five years old.
He had long fair hair and a short beard. He put his arm on the roof of the car and looked at the two frightened people inside. He had clear, white skin and pink eyes.
Mrs Bowles was afraid that the alien would kill them, but he only looked at the car’s instruments. Suddenly the lights switched on and they were shining four times brighter than normal. Mrs Bowles wanted to say “Thank you” but before she opened her mouth the UFO and its crew had already disappeared into the night.

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The winchester mystery