The three investigators – the adventure of the bronze claw

The Three Investigators

The Adventure of the Bronze Claw

By Mark Zahn

Based on characters created by Robert Arthur
Presented by:
Dedicated to Robert Arthur (1909-1969)


READERS OF MYSTERY BEWARE! If you are faint of heart
When faced with incredible danger, nefarious criminals, or
Marauding pirates from beyond the grave, I suggest you not turn
Another page!

In fact, those who tremble when they hear a board creak in an
Empty house may want to find a different story to read altogether!
Either way, I would think twice before reading this book at

At this point you may be asking yourself just who is John
Crowe, and why is he introducing an adventure of The Three
Investigators? Well, I suppose an explanation is needed. I am a
Writer of mystery novels by trade, and I first met Jupe, Pete, and
Bob several months ago when an exciting case of their’s called
The Secret of Shark Reef brought them to my home of Santa
Barbara, California – a city that is due south of their own hometown
Of Rocky Beach.

Needless to say, the boys solved the mystery and eventually
Returned home, but I’m proud to say that we have kept in touch
And become fast friends over the last several months. I’ve even
Sent each of them a signed copy of my latest mystery novel:
“Death In The Shadows.”

Now! With that said, let us get on with it, shall we?

To start things off, let’s talk about the First Investigator of the
Firm, Jupiter Jones. Jupe, as his friends call him, is the self-proclaimed
Leader of the trio, and rightly so! His immense mental
Capacity, which many adults find unsettling, and knack for solving
Mysteries, (that have baffled those same adults), make

Slightly over-weight crimefighter a dangerous foe to any criminal

Who is unfortunate enough to cross his path!

Pete Crenshaw is the lanky and muscular Second Investigator.
Pete is a star of many sports – he even wrestles for the high school
Team. It is this natural athletic agility that allows him to leap
Fences and scale rooftops when a case demands it. It must be said
That Pete is extremely cautious by nature, and often needs to be
Convinced before undertaking one of Jupiter’s schemes at dangerous
Deduction. That’s not to say he’s cowardly… just, well, cautious.

Finally, we have Bob Andrews – otherwise known as
“Records.” Bob is in charge of all the research and record keeping
That is necessary when operating a real-life detective firm, and
He excels at his job! Don’t get me wrong; he may look studious,
But Bob is just as brave as his partners! Bob has a real talent for
Uncovering vital information when a case has hit a dead end.

As I said before, the boys reside in the coastal town of Rocky
Beach, California, not far from Hollywood. They make their
Headquarters in a thirty-foot mobile home trailer which they have
Buried in junk inside The Jones Salvage Yard. The salvage yard is
Widely known on the Pacific coast for having almost everything
Imaginable in its inventory. It’s run by Jupe’s aunt and uncle,

Titus and Mathilda Jones, who Jupe has lived with since he
Was orphaned as a very small child, and who also happen to play
A part in the mystery you are about to read.

I think I have said enough to get you started, but remember
My warning! This bizarre adventure may have you sleeping with
Your bedroom light on for many nights to come!

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The three investigators – the adventure of the bronze claw