The story of mr. jeremy fisher

The story of Mr. Jeremy Fisher (After B. Potter)

Once there was a frog. His name was Mr. Jeremy Fisher. He lived in a little house near a pond. Water was on the floor of the house and Mr. Jeremy’s feet were always in the water. But he liked it and he was never ill.

One day very early in the morning, he came out of his little house and saw the rain.

“I want to catch some nice fish for my dinner in the evening,” said Mr. Jeremy. “I asked my two friends to come to dinner, they are Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Newt.”

Mr. Jeremy put on his raincoat and his galoshes. He took his rod and a bucket with his breakfast in it and went to the place where his boat was. The boat was round and green. It was the leaf of a water lily. Mr. Jeremy stood in the middle of his boat, and it went out into the open water.

“I know a good place where many fishes are,” he said to himself. When he was in the middle of the pond, he stopped the boat and sat down in it. Then he put his rod into the water and begin to fish. The rain fell and fell on his back. Soon Mr. Jeremy wanted to eat.

“I want my breakfast,” he said.

“I want to eat some flies, I like them very much,” he said.

Mr. Jeremy Fisher ate his breakfast and looked at the water in the pond. Suddenly he saw a black animal in the water.

“It is a water-rat,” said Mr. Jeremy, “I must go to some other place. That rat wants to eat me!”

And he went in his boat to another place and put his rod into the water. He sat and looked at the water. Soon he saw some fish near his rod and he quickly pulled it up. There was a fish at the end of it but it was very small and thin, so Mr. Jeremy let it go back into the water. Then all the other little fish put their heads out of the water and laughed at Mr. Jeremy.

Suddenly a very big fish came up quickly to Mr. Jeremy’s little green boat. The fish opened its big mouth and caught Mr. Jeremy with his rod and bucket. Then it went down and down into the water but Mr. Jeremy was in his raincoat and his galoshes and the big fish did not like the taste of the raincoat and the galoshes. It opened its mouth because it wanted to drink some water, and Mr. Jeremy jumped out of the fish’s mouth. Then he got out of the water and went home.

His friends came to dinner, but Mr. Jeremy had no fish on his table. Mr. Tortoise brought some salad in his bag, and he ate salad for his dinner but Mr. Jeremy and the Newt did not like salad. They ate a nice and fat grasshopper for dinner and they liked it very much.

“Fish is good but a grasshopper is good too,” said Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

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The story of mr. jeremy fisher