The shadow line s01e01

So, what are we looking at?

Two gunshots to the head.


Point of entry

Left eye. And exit…


Rear lower right.

Right ear still intact. I don’t think
We’re supposed to touch the body.

My world…

My rules…

Huh, that’s interesting.

What? What if he’d been shot, say,
From the front passenger seat,

All the splatter would be over the
Rear window. Whereas, in fact…

It’s pretty much all
Around him down here.

So? So, given the body position

And the line of travel,

I’d say that our friend here took
This bullet while he was seated…

There. And while he was looking
Up at whoever shot him.

And whoever shot him was standing…


Where you are now.


Which would make this shot
The second.

As his head fell away.

Entry lower left jaw and exit…


Middle right cheek.

But not before it bust up
All the crockery, eh?

Oh, Harvey,

You should have
Taken better care of your teeth.

So, two fast shots.

Probably more in the body but we’ll
Let the brush-up boys find them, eh?

So, do you want the good news?

This one’s not for us. Why?

Why? I’m sorry, look like
A lovers’ tiff to you, does it?

Robbery. It could be anything.
Did you check for his wallet?
It’s a contract.

Trust me. And when it’s a contract…


What are you doing?

Well, if it was a robbery,

He wouldn’t have got far with these.

They’re all out of date. What?

Credit cards.

All expired.

Harvey Wratten. Harvey Wratten.
I’ve heard that name…

Yeah, right… Put it

back. What?

I told you, this one’s not for us.


Put it back.

Where did you find it?

Left side, inside breast pocket.

You see,

The truth, Constable,

The truth, it’s like lightning.

Always follows the line
Of least resistance.

So, what we do, the trick is simple.

All we have to do is find the line
And then follow it back up.

And whatever it is,

It’s all gonna be sorted within
24 hours. All neat and tidy.

99% of the time.

But with this…

With what I see here,

Well, you try and find
The line on something like this

And all it’s gonna do is fur up
Your arteries so thick you’ll
Think you’re a fucking werewolf!


We just pass it on and then
We step right out of the picture.

Because whoever it is has to pick up
This sorry rag of rope, it’ll
Sure as shit be the death of them.

Oh, yeah.




The Shadow Line
Part One




All right?

Sure you want to do this?


Excuse me, sir, if I could just…

Take another look. Really?

Yes, please, sir. Don’t be stupid,
I just told you who he is.

With the greatest of respect, madam,
Just because you say it doesn’t
Necessarily make it so. What?!

It’s all about connection, isn’t it?

Not just process. Oh, that’s clever.

You’re very clever. Isn’t he clever?

There is another word beginning
With C that also comes to mind.

Want to know what it is?
I’ll give you a clue.

It sounds exactly like the first
Syllable in country. Does that help?
All right, here you go.

Yes, sir, it’s the photo, it
Doesn’t really look like you. Huh.

Well, I’ve been out of circulation
For a while. Maybe it’s an old ID.
Time to get a new one then, sir.

I’ll make it a priority.
Thank you, sir.

No, thank you, CUNTstable.

So what is this place?

Private car park for a bowls club.

He went bowling?
It’s closed this time of year.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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The shadow line s01e01