The pillars of success (lifetime achiever series) written by adam sicinski

There are many great books you could read about success and achievement. However, who really has the time to read all these books? Sometimes we get so caught up in reading and trying to learn and retain all this information that we forget about actually “doing” and taking the necessary actions that will help us achieve our goals and objectives.

There is no denying that success requires a combination of many different elements that must come together in a specific way [see: mastermind matrix]. Without these elements we may very well struggle to overcome the setbacks and challenges that life blesses us with.

It would of course be very difficult to pinpoint exactly what every single individual requires to achieve their desired outcomes since we are all unique in our own way and have very different circumstances that are specific to our personal experiences. However, there are certain factors that are absolutely essential and critical to any worthwhile cause. We will call these factors The Pillars of Success.

The Pillars of Success are the key critical components that will help you to achieve all your goals and objectives. They are in essence the primary elements that are required for success in any field of endeavor. These pillars include:

1. Removing limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.

2. Adopting new habits and routines that will help boost your productivity.

3. Identifying and making the best use of the resources you have at your disposal.

4. Recognizing and utilizing your strengths and the skills you will need to achieve your objectives.

5. Taking charge of your emotions in a proactive manner – making them work for you rather than against you.

6. Finding ways to motivate yourself to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

7. Setting goals and objectives consistently in the right way to help keep you on track.

8. Cultivating a mindset

that is naturally aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve.

These are the Pillars of Success and the key critical factors that we must focus on in order to improve our chances of succeeding in any field of endeavor.

As with all things, it’s important to keep in mind the 80/20 Rule which states that 80% of your actions will lead to 20% of your results. Likewise, 20% of your actions will lead to 80% of your results.

These pillars are not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination, however what they represent is the 20% of actions that you must take to help you attain 80% of the results you desire to create in your life.

Therefore by consistently focusing on the highest impact activities will help you to accelerate your results in a dramatic way.

Pillar #1: Beliefs
Our beliefs are so powerful that they literally blind us to other perspectives of reality. This is good news for some, however it’s very disheartening news for others who are riddled with limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their goals and objectives.

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

The first step to any transformational process is to identify and acknowledge that we are riddled with limiting beliefs.

Have a think about the ways you label yourself or how others label you. Do they label you as lazy, unreliable, as worthless or shy? What do they say about your specifically? And more importantly, what do you believe without question?

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The pillars of success (lifetime achiever series) written by adam sicinski