The most difficult words in english (pronunciation)

British researchers conducted a survey to find out what English words cause the most trouble. A list of the twenty most difficult to pronounce words led the noun “PHENOMENON”. Also in the rating include the following words

2. Anaesthetist

3. Remuneration

4. Statistics

5. Ethnicity

6. Philosophical

7. Provocatively

8. Anonymous

9. Thesaurus

10. Aluminium

11. Regularly

12. February

13. Particularly

14. Hereditary

15. Prioritising

16. Pronunciation

17. Prejudice

18. Facilitate

19. Hospitable

20. Onomatopoeia

It turned out that the British often mispronounce words in which to close a letter to the letters ‘m’ and ‘n’, and ‘t’, ‘s’ and a mix of ‘th’. At least half of the 3000 respondents said they often corrected people who mispronounce any words. In addition, a quarter of respondents believed that mistakes in pronunciation of words indicates a lack of education.

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The most difficult words in english (pronunciation)