“the messenger” – klaus j. joehle

Living on Love

“The Messenger”

Klaus J. Joehle

Living on Love

Living on Love

The Messenger
Klaus J. Joehle

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Living on Love
“The Messenger’
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To My Son,
Who stood by me?
I say this:
Anything and Everything
Is possible
With Love.


The problem with our children is
That they have so much to teach us
But so little time to do it in.
My problem is it has taken me 15 years to learn that.
Now I fear that
I’ve missed most of my education.


What it after many years of studying so called ancient wisdom, you find yourself stuck? All the information is there but nothing seems to be working.

Then one day, out of work and out of money, you come up with a brainstorm.

You take all the information you learned about meditation, remote viewing, out of body travel, and so on. You decide to mentally travel into the future to see what the results of tomorrows sports lottery will be. But just as the money starts rolling in you run into your future self.

You ignore him!

So another

future self comes to see you, to change the past or maybe to change the future.

What if your future self offered you information about Love that has been kept secret for centuries? Information that will make all your dreams come true. Would you let go of the easy money?

As you take this book home, so you will need to choose also.

Klaus J. Joehle

Table of Contents

A Controversial Note from the Author
Editorial Method “Special note on spelling and Grammar”
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen “My lucky number”
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-one
Chapter Twenty-two
Chapter Twenty-three
Chapter Twenty-four
Chapter Twenty-five
Chapter Twenty-six
Chapter Twenty-seven
Chapter Twenty-eight
Chapter Twenty-nine
Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty-one
Chapter Thirty-two
Chapter Thirty-three
Chapter Thirty-four
Chapter Thirty-five
Chapter Thirty – Six


Relaxing and Letting Go
Opening Your Heart, Filling and Surrounding Yourself with Love
Sending Love to People
Sending Love to Your Children
Filling Your Home with Love
Filling Your Work with Love
Filling Everything with Love
A Little Extra Love in Your Bedroom
Creating What You Want with Love

Most Asked Questions
Notes “Comments from Readers”



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“the messenger” – klaus j. joehle