The meaning of the expression ‘jaya’ – invoking victory

The meaning of the expression ‘jaya’ – Invoking victory
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Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja: We utter “Jaya!” for Krsna and other great personalities: “Govindaji ki jaya ho!” “Gurudeva ki jaya ho!” “Tulasi-devi ki jaya ho!” Why do we say this?

‘jaya’ means victory, so when we address someone with ‘jaya’ we mean “May you win the battle and be victorious,” “May your mission be victorious.” ‘Jaya’ automatically implies ‘parajaya’, which means defeat.

The two words come side by side. If someone is the conqueror, automatically those on the other side must be conquered, defeated. In our own case, our heart and mind are on one side, while Hari, Guru, Vaisnavas, Vrnda-devi and all other transcendental personalities are on the other side.

The aspiring devotee prays, “I am like a demon. My mind is like a demon and my heart is like a demon. Therefore, I have no desire to serve Hari, Guru and the Vaisnavas.” When he utters, “Gurudeva ki jaya!” he means “

O Gurudeva, please conquer my heart, and after that you can enter my heart which is black with lust, anger and greed and make it clean, pure, soft and fragrant – a perfect ‘kunja’ for Sri Radha-Krsna to perform Their loving pastimes.”

A conqueror controls the defeated enemy. He captures him and puts him in prison, and the defeated is bound to do whatever the conqueror orders him to do. Our minds and hearts are uncontrolled at present, so we pray, “May Gurudeva conquer my heart and mind, so that I will have to obey whatever instructions and orders he gives me.

O Gurudeva, may you now be victorious over my mind, my heart and everything in relation to my existence. Please make me your dependent servant, consider me a speck of dust at your lotus feet and let your feet become my only treasure and my exclusive aspiration – ‘sri guru-carane rati ei se uttama gati’ (rati, deep love and attachment to Sri Guru’s lotus feet is the ultimate perfection).”

Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja – This is the meaning of ‘jaya’. (Gopi-gita text 1, purport)

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The meaning of the expression ‘jaya’ – invoking victory