The letter

Venice is crying infront of the mirror staring her beautiful face wearing her wedding gown. Danny finally asked her hand for marriage, they were together for 10yrs and she’s very happy now that her dreams would come true.
Her phone is ringing, and ringing she did’nt realize that she will be late for her wedding.
The bridal car just arrived and waiting for her, she’s now on her way to Danny, waiting for her in the church.
“Why are you doing this? said the driver, he is Paulo Danny’s bestfriend.
“I have to marry him, because it’s the right thing to do,.
“Then why you sent him a break up letter? he might receive that letter today…
“I just thought i can leave him but i realize i can’t, he’s too good to me and a good friend to you, he does’nt deserve any pain…and i’m really sorry!
“we’re here Paulo! said in teary eyes…

Just when they arrived, a tension inside the church arise..
Danny killed himself infront of the altar a knife cuts every single pain he feels.
On his lleft hand was a letter from Venice saying:

To my dear Danny,
I’ve waited for you to marry me for so long, but you are too busy with your career, me and Paulo we have a relationship. He made me realize i was worthy of his love and time. I’m sorry but i can’t marry you..i hope you can forgive me and paulo..


Time is really important, if Venice arrived earlier she might save Danny’s life..

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The letter