The king and the cheese

Once upon a time in a faraway country there lived a king. He lived in a beautiful palace. He had everything he liked. He liked cheese best of all. His cheese makers made the best cheese in all the land.

Everyone in the palace could smell that cheese. Everyone in the town could smell the cheese. Everyone in the country could smell that cheese.

One day a little mouse smelled the cheese. He told all his friends about the cheese. Soon, every mouse in the country ran to the palace.

Yhe mice were very happy. They lived in the palace and ate the king’s cheese. But the king was not happy. He called his wise men and asked them: “How can I get rid of these mice?” “That’s easy,” said the wise men. We know how to get rid of them.”

And the wise men brought in cats: big cats, little cats, fat cats, thin cats. The big cats, the little cats, the fat cats and the thin cats all began to chase the mice. They did very good work. Soon all the mice ran out of the palace.

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The king and the cheese