The five different types of lovers – which type of lover are you

Find out what kind of lover you are most likely to be by matching up these characteristics.

There is the people pleaser who is always out to make everyone happy. They are out to accommodate any one in any situation so long as they are within the awareness distance. These lovers are somewhat sensitive emotionally speaking. This means they are empathetic and as a result very good listeners.

Technically all of these qualities are excellent. Only one thing overlaps and makes these qualities damaging. Self-esteem. The people pleaser often puts other people time and needs before their own. They also put themselves down a lot and always take the back seat as a means to keep the peace. People Pleasers deserve better but will never except that they do.

Then comes the selfish lover which I like to call Me-Me. These kinds of lovers are often the complete opposite of the people pleasers. They are often what most of us call control freaks. The one thing that draws people into them as a lover is a well developed quality that hides the selfishness. They can be good at sex but only so far as it pleases them to do so.

They love attention and always need to be in touch with whatever is going on in the world. They are primarily concerned with guess who, themselves. A lot of times they make big shows of caring for other people. However, if no one is there to see this then the show is over, along with whatever benefits were being doled out. They are very big attention seekers.

The Cool One that is always cavalier on the outside might be a little emotionally underdeveloped on the inside. Cool people tend to avoid any negative emotions or anything that is considered personal. They like to keep a safe distance from anything touchy-feely. The cool one can be great in bed. Sex and love for them is a drama performance that just keeps up the image.

Everything is always alright. They can become difficult to deal with because eventually emotions as a reality

will come up and they are just way too far removed. It often seems as if they do not take certain problems seriously. They tend to look at negative realities as make believe somehow thinking that in the end we will all live happily ever after. Anything else is just unacceptable.

The highly emotional lover is varied. There are two kinds of emotional people when it comes to relationships (actually there are many more but for the sake of keeping things simple and short two main kinds). They are simply emotional directions. One directs emotions outward towards other people and the other directs emotion inward towards themselves.

The emotional outward type tends to be critical of others, always judging them. Usually harshly and unnecessarily. When they have a feeling they are ready and willing to share it with the world regardless of the outcome.

The introverted emotional lover takes everything personally and shows it. They are usually sad much of the time. They crave empathy for love. They cry in front of anyone and everyone. They believe that feelings are so important and always need to be shared.

The final type of lover is the One. The one has a specific trait that is just right for you. They are a combination of all the qualities mentioned above only in just the right amount and way for you. Not too much, nor too little. The one shares and you feel as though you were meant to hear just that and at just that moment in your life.

When you find the one you must be very careful to avoid being any of the others we have talked about. You will fear losing the one by doing so.

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The five different types of lovers – which type of lover are you