The carrie diaries by candace bushnell

Candace Bushnell
The Carrie Diaries

For Calvin Bushnell


Chapter One
A Princess on Another Planet

Chapter Two
The Integer Crowd

Chapter Three
Double Jeopardy

Chapter Four
The Big Love

Chapter Five
Rock Lobsters

Chapter Six
Bad Chemistry

Chapter Seven
Paint the Town Red

Chapter Eight
The Mysteries of Romance

Chapter Nine
The Artful Dodger

Chapter Ten
Rescue Me

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve
You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Chapter Thirteen
Creatures of Love

Chapter Fourteen
Hang in There

Chapter Fifteen
Little Criminals

Chapter Sixteen
How Far Will You Go?

Chapter Seventeen
Bait and Switch

Chapter Eighteen
Cliques Are Made to Be Broken

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty
Slippery Slopes

Chapter Twenty-One
The Wall

Chapter Twenty-Two
Dancing Fools

Chapter Twenty-Three
The Assumption of X

Chapter Twenty-Four
The Circus Comes to Town

Chapter Twenty-Five
Lockdown at Bralcatraz

Chapter Twenty-Six
The S-H-I-T Hits the Fan

Chapter Twenty-Seven
The Girl Who…

Chapter Twenty-Eight
Pretty Pictures

Chapter Twenty-Nine
The Gorgon

Chapter Thirty
Accidents Will Happen

Chapter Thirty-One
Pinky Takes Castlebury

Chapter Thirty-Two
The Nerd Prince

Chapter Thirty-Three
Hold On to Your Panties

Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-Five
A Free Man in Paris

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A Princess on Another Planet

They say a lot can happen in a summer.
Or not.

the first day of senior year, and as far as I can tell, I’m exactly the same as I was last year.
And so is my best friend, Lali.
“Don’t forget, Bradley, we have to get boyfriends this year,” she says, starting the engine of the red pickup truck she inherited from one of her older brothers.
“Crap.” We were supposed to get boyfriends last year and we didn’t. I open the door and scoot in, sliding the letter into my biology book, where, I figure, it can do no more harm. “Can’t we give this whole boyfriend thing a rest? We already know all the boys in our school. And – “
“Actually, we don’t,” Lali says as she slides the gear stick into reverse, glancing over her shoulder. Of all my friends, Lali is the best driver. Her father is a cop and insisted she learn to drive when she was twelve, in case of an emergency.
“I hear there’s a new kid,” she says.
“So?” The last new kid who came to our school turned out to be a stoner who never changed his overalls.
“Jen P says he’s cute. Really cute.”
“Uh-huh.” Jen P was the head of Leif Garrett’s fan club in sixth grade. “If he actually is cute, Donna LaDonna will get him.”
“He has a weird name,” Lali says. “Sebastian something. Sebastian Little?”
“Sebastian Kydd?” I gasp.
“That’s it,” she says, pulling into the parking lot of the high school. She looks at me suspiciously. “Do you know him?”
I hesitate, my fingers grasping the door handle.
My heart pounds in my throat; if I open my mouth, I’m afraid it will jump out.
I shake my head.
We’re through the main door of the high school when Lali spots my boots. They’re white patent leather and there’s a crack on one of the toes, but they’re genuine go-go boots from the early seventies. I figure the boots have had a much more interesting life than I have.

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The carrie diaries by candace bushnell