The Animals of Australia

There are many animals in Australia that you cannot see anywhere else, and talking of the animals, we should mention kangaroos in the first place. There are many different types of kangaroo. The biggest are the great grey kangaroos. They are 213 centimetres tall and can run at 56 kilometres per hour. Some run from you then stop and stare.

Wombats and koalas have many similarities and are probably related. The number of koalas is getting smaller. This is partly because of fumes from bush fires. Rescue teams help the koalas by catching them, putting them on respirators, then returning them to their original location when they are better. Australia also has a lot of native marsupial mice that live in the desert. Many of these only come out at night.

You know, there are many animals that are “unpopular” in Australia including spiders which are dangerous. You can find these in Sydney. If they are hungry, they will attack anything that moves. They have sharp teeth and poison. Luckily, there is an antidote if you can get to hospital quickly. There have been 12 deaths since 1927.

Another animal with sharp teeth and a fatal bite is the shark. However, there are normally a lot of beach patrols and protective nets to stop these from eating you for breakfast. Other animals that are a problem for beach lovers are jellyfish. They look like bubbles of blue bubble gum and they have a painful sting therefore people do not swim when there are many in the water. Other “unpopular” animals include dingoes. These are a cross between wolves and dogs. They are unpopular because they eat farmers’ animals.

Now what about the ugly animals? A word that people often use to describe a cane toad is ugly! Other words include fat, noisy and disgusting. They are also as big as footballs!’ The Queensland Government brought cane toads to Australia to eat cane beetles. Unfortunately cane toads can’t fly but cane beetles can. Now the toads are more of a problem than the beetles. Hundreds of thousands are born every year. The toads eat everything including rare Australian animals. The toads are also poisonous to eat. Animals that eat them die. Though they are unpopular animals, some people like them and keep them as pets or write songs about them. There are a number of types of crocodiles found in northern Australia, ranging from the potentially dangerous saltwater crocodiles to smaller, more shy, harmless varieties.

They have got snakes too although fears of the poisonous types are largely exaggerated. They are generally shy creatures, only too ready to avoid trouble. The taipan and the tiger are worth keeping away from.

That is only a small selection of the creatures of the country. Others include penguins, turtles, seals and opossums. In the dry areas, you can see an amazing variety of lizards; some grow to a very hefty size.

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The Animals of Australia