Supporting your biological rhythms

All in all, your purpose is to learn to come into contact with four elements, four sensations sending their energy to your body and purify it from the harmful impact of social surrounding on a daily basis. In order to do this, I offer to practice seven simple exercises: three exercises designed to regulate and tune the body and four exercises to establish a contact with four natural elements.

Here is one recommendation: while doing the exercises, make sure you concentrate on your internal sensations. You should remember that you not doing some physical exercises that may be done mechanically, but you are practicing the methods based on meditation strengthening the contact with the natural world and familiarizing your body with completely new feelings and sensations.

1. Morning. You have just woken up and you are still in bed. You shouldn’t jump out of bed, instead you should set the alarm clock fifteen minutes before the actual time you have to get up, so that you have time to wake up properly. Remember that your body is not a robot or a mechanism. It is a living being, so treat it accordingly. Don’t make it follow your command and get up, go to the bath and quickly swallow breakfast. Make it a habit to do everything efficiently, with care and attention. Only when your body starts living sensibly, it will wake up from this endless hypnoidal state and live full life.

After wakening up your body should first of all feel that it is awake to be able to feel the world around, to feel the life with every fiber. In order to reach this feeling, after you wake up it is very useful to stroke your skin for about five minutes making you movements more and more intensive. By doing this you will be able to feel your body cells awakening. Enjoy these feelings and be glad that a new day has come. You are quite ready to start it now.
After stroking your body, stretch yourself several times with pleasure and get up without hurry.

2. After

waking your body and getting up, you can start contacting with the morning natural elements. Remember that morning elements are the elements of moisture, comprising a combination of water and air.

When you get out of bed, open the window and let in some fresh air, even if it is frosty outside. Then wash your face and hands with water of room temperature that you prepared in the evening. After washing your face and hands pour water over your head and the whole body. Don’t hurry, but concentrate and enjoy the process, trying to absorb the water with every cell of your body. Feel the way the water is penetrating your body, the way your body cells are coming to life, getting young and moist. Don’t forget that 60 % of a human body is water, so your contact with water is vitally important

Having washed up, stand up straight, set back your shoulders, relax and breathe in and out quickly twenty one times. At the same time you should focus on the perception of the descending central flow.

If you feel dizzy (you might feel so due to the excessive amount of oxygen coming into your brains during intensive breathing), sluice your face with cold water twenty one times. It will also be useful even if you don’t feel dizzy, since it will only do you good. It would be better if you use the water that remained outdoors overnight.

3. It is almost noon. The elements of water are changed by the elements of warmth and it is time for air and fire. Your body is supposed to adjust itself to these elements. Wherever you are, take some minutes to feel this moment.

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Supporting your biological rhythms