Do you believe in good luck and bad luck? Most people in the world have some superstitions. These are a few British superstitions with long traditions.

– Black cats are lucky.
– Clover is a small plant. Usually it has three leaves, but a few have four. A clover with four leaves brings good luck.

– A horseshoe over the door of a new home brings good luck. But the horseshoe must be the right way up. The luck runs out of a horseshoe if it’s upside down.
– On the first day of the month it’s lucky to say “White rabbits”.

– It’s good luck to see two magpies.
– Catch falling leaves in autumn and you’ll have good luck. Every leaf means a lucky month in the next year.

– Never open an umbrella in the house. That’s very bad luck.
– Never break a mirror – that means seven years’ bad luck.

– It’s bad luck to see just one magpie.
– Don’t walk under a ladder.

– Don’t walk past somebody on the stairs.
– The number thirteen is very unlucky (and Friday the 13th is a very unlucky date).

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