Subtitle of film “sound of music”

{3452}{3518}The hills are alive
{3524}{3630}With the sound of music
{3636}{3695}With songs they have sung
{3701}{3818}For a thousand years
{3824}{3900}The hills fill my heart
{3905}{4015}With the sound of music
{4021}{4193}My heart wants to sing|Every song it hears
{4205}{4321}My heart wants to beat like the wings|Of the birds that rise
{4327}{4401}From the lake to the trees
{4407}{4510}My heart wants to sigh|Like a chime that flies
{4516}{4611}From a church on a breeze
{4617}{4701}To laugh like a brook|When it trips and falls
{4707}{4791}Over stones on its way
{4797}{4890}To sing through the night
{4896}{4987}Like a lark who is learning to pray
{4995}{5129}I go to the hills
{5135}{5283}When my heart is lonely
{5289}{5382}I know I will hear
{5387}{5495}What I’ve heard before
{5501}{5615}My heart will be blessed
{5620}{5808}With the sound of music
{5832}{5955}And I’ll sing…
{5961}{6176}…once more
{12939}{13058}Hallelujah, hallelujah
{13064}{13175}Hallelujah, hallelujah
{13232}{13280}-Reverend Mother.|-Sister Bernice.
{13286}{13348}-I simply cannot find her.|-Maria?
{13375}{13406}She’s missing again.
{13427}{13485}We should’ve put a cowbell|around her neck.
{13491}{13564}Have you tried the barn? You know|how much she adores the animals.
{13570}{13636}I have looked everywhere.|In all of the usual places.
{13641}{13695}Sister, considering it’s Maria. . .
{13701}{13764}. . .I suggest you look in someplace|unusual.
{13891}{13921}Well, Reverend Mother. . .
{13927}{13990}. . .I hope this new infraction ends|whatever doubts. . .
{13996}{14074}. . .you may still have|about Maria’s future here.
{14079}{14176}I always try to keep faith|in my doubts, Sister Berthe.
{14182}{14251}After all, the wool of a black sheep|is just as warm.
{14257}{14360}We are not talking about sheep,|black or white, Sister Margaretta.
{14366}{14448}Of all the candidates for|the novitiate, Maria is the least –
{14454}{14515}Children, children.
{14526}{14621}We were speculating about|the qualifications of our postulants.
{14636}{14708}The Mistress of Novices|and the Mistress of Postulants. . .
{14714}{14841}. . .were trying to help me|by expressing opposite points of view.
{14847}{14920}Tell me, Sister Catherine,|what do you think of Maria?
{14925}{14999}She’s a wonderful girl,|some of the time.
{15022}{15096}-Sister Agatha?|-It’s very easy to like Maria. . .
{15102}{15163}. . .except when it’s difficult.
{15169}{15255}-And you, Sister Sophia?|-Oh, I love her very dearly.
{15260}{15330}But she always seems to be|in trouble, doesn’t she?
{15336}{15378}Exactly what I say.
{15386}{15445}She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee
{15450}{15491}Her dress has got a tear
{15506}{15606}She waltzes on her way to Mass|And whistles on the stair
{15622}{15729}And underneath her wimple|She has curlers in her hair
{15736}{15847}I’ve even heard her singing|ln the abbey
{15852}{15900}She’s always late for chapel
{15905}{15960}But her penitence is real
{15967}{16023}She’s always late for everything
{16028}{16077}Except for every meal
{16086}{16199}I hate to have to say it|But I very firmly feel
{16204}{16311}Maria ‘s not an asset to the abbey
{16322}{16383}I’d like to say a word in her behalf
{16389}{16421}Say it, Sister Margaretta.
{16442}{16537}Maria makes me laugh
{16607}{16700}How do you solve a problem like Maria?
{16706}{16798}How do you catch a cloud|And pin it down?
{16804}{16885}How do you find a word|That means Maria?
{16897}{16924}A flibbertigibbet
{16929}{16962}-A will-o ‘-the-wisp|-A clown

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Subtitle of film “sound of music”