Страшные болезни / Incurable Diseases

Health is important in our everyday life. Usually people name stress as one of the enemies of their health. But in fact, we don`t wish to think about the reasons of our diseases, but still we are afraid of really dangerous diseases. Most of all we are afraid of cancer.

Then, there are the following diseases on the list of the incurables ones: Alzheimer`s disease, heart diseases, cerebrovascular accidents, loss of vision; and these diseases in comparison with some simple illnesses as the problem with weight or the lost of attractiveness are really dangerous.

Infarctions and cerebrovascular accidents carry away more lives than any other disease, including cancer. Psychologists comment upon it in the following way: “Cancer is a serious illness, one knows about it beforehand and has to live with this further. As for heart diseases people think that they will either die immediately or they will be cured of this or that heart disease.”

It`s curious to find out that every fourth is more afraid of AIDS or Avian influenza than the loss of hearing ability, obesity, and respiratory system diseases.

“Well, before one battles with these mysterious diseases, our attention should be paid to more banal illnesses”, one of the doctors said.

But I think that we should be aware of everything in this world. The list of the incurable diseases is rather big. AIDS, cancer and avian flu are only three of this big list but they are not less serious than others.

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Страшные болезни / Incurable Diseases