State university of medicine and pharmacy

Nicolae Testimițianu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy is one of the most important higher education establishments in the Republic of Moldova. It Was founded on the basis of Sankt-Peterburg Medical Institute nr.2, evacuated during the Second World War in Kislovodsk and then transferred to Chișinău with all the students and academic staff under the name of State Medical Institute.
The Institute started ins activity in October 1945 having just one faculty – the Faculty of General Medicine, which had 13 departments with 996 students. The educational process was accomplished by 130 teachers, including 15 Professors and 19 PhDs.
The fondation of Chișinău Medical Institute served as an impulse for development of the medical higher education in Moldova as well as for the consolidation of the health system in the republic.
In 1954 the Faculty of Pediatrics was founded, in 1959 – the Faculty of Stomatology, in 1963 – the Faculty of Preventive Medicine and in 1964 – the Faculty of Pharmacy. The necessity of training medical speсialists after graduation contributed to the appearance of the Faculty of Continuous Medical Training in 1962. In order to create adequate conditions to carry out the scientific activity in a proper way, the Central Laboratory of Scientific Research was founded the same year.
In 1965 the Institute ranked among ofter first – category higher education institutions, and in 1967 it started to use differential training of medical specialists by means of internship and residency.
From 1990 the Institute is named after Nicolae Testimițianu (1927 – 1986) – outstanding scientist, talented pedagogue and educator, chairman, good organizer and leader in the field of public health, the person who highly contributed to the development and organization of the health system in our contry. He promoted the idea of sovereignty and independence of our republic.
In July 1991 Nicolae

Testimițianu State Medical Institute in Chișinău was reorganized into University. In 1995 the establishment became a Nicolae Testimițianu University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
In 1992, passing onto a higher level of training – postgraduate education of medical and pharmaceutical specialists within residency progras, the Faculty of Residency was founded. Due to the concientious work of the academic staff and the rich scientific experience, the academic system has been in a continuons change and improvement. This qualitative development and great success obtained internationally place the University among the 50 best medical schools in Europe. The diploma of Nicolae Testimițianu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is recognized throughout the world.
At present, Nicolae Testimițianu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a higher education establishment of international prestige, which trains medical specialists taking into consideration modern concepts and complying with international requirements of training future medical specialists. Within the framwork of the undergraduate education there are the following faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine (including the speciality of Pediatrics), the Faculty of Stomatology, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Department of Preuniversity training (for foriegn students); at the level of the postgraduate education:the Faculty of Residency, Improvement of Medical Specialists (On-going Training) and Master’s Degree, doctorate and Post-doctorate programs.

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State university of medicine and pharmacy