Star Signs

There are 12 star sings, and people who belong to a definite sign have their own character, habits and manners. So if you were born under the sign of Aquarius (21st January – 18th February) you like to be free. You have original ideas. Some of your ideas are crazy!

Pisces (19th February – 20th March) are friendly and kind. They are good at art and they love music. They often lose things and forget the time.

Aries (21th March – 20th April) like jokes, parties and loud music. They are good at sport. They don’t often ask for advice. Sometimes they’re a bit selfish. The people who are born under the sign of Taurus (21st April -21st May) work hard. They are very practical and helpful. They don’t like changes. They like food!

If you’re Gemini (22nd May – 21st June) you love surprises. You like chatting with your friends. You do a lot of things at once.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July) seems strong and selfish. But really he’s soft and sensitive. One minute he’s happy, the next minute he feels bad.

Leos (23rd July – 23rd August) are leaders. They want to be rich and important one day. They love expensive things.

Virgo (24th August – 22nd September) always works hard. She chooses her friends carefully because they have to be perfect!

If you’re Libra (23rd September – 23rd October) people like you because you always say nice things. You hate fights. You want everyone to be happy. You’re a bit lazy.

People who were born under the sign of Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November) are very strong persons. They always get what they want. They’re very good friends.

If you are Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December) you are friendly. You spend money like water. You always tell the truth. Sometimes this can hurt your friends feelings.

Capricorns (22nd December – 20th January) are quiet and serious. They work hard. Their friends like them because they never do stupid things.

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Star Signs