Song of admirals

Hey internet/fans/little Admirals,

We wanted to update you on what’s been happening with Sons of Admirals since the release of Here Comes My Baby last year. We had a great time recording the song, and those of us who were lucky enough to play it live enjoyed the experience that came with it. We really can’t thank all of you enough for your support for the song, the project and our endeavours in general.

Sons of Admirals have been offered a number of opportunities and deals in the wake of the release of Baby, and we’ve been kept pretty busy responding to and meeting with a number of companies, people and managers regarding the future of the band. Trying to get into the charts put a lot of pressure on us to do things a certain way, and as much as we could, we tried to maintain our individuality, and our approach to making and releasing music. Unfortunately, a lot of the pressures we faced were unavoidable, and in some cases, not very enjoyable.

We started Sons of Admirals as an experiment. The aim was to get into the charts, and to increase exposure for our individual talents; Charlie’s videos, Alex’s wit, Ed’s voice and Tom’s musicianship. To some extent that has worked. The interest in our individual exploits has increased, and we’re very grateful for that. The core goal though, proved to run against too many of our beliefs and approaches to music and promotion.

We tried to retain integrity while making music as Sons of Admirals, but in the end that integrity was compromised, and as such we announce with heavy hearts that we won’t be making anymore music as Sons Of Admirals. We will of course continue creating videos, music and (in some cases) playing cards on our own and sometimes with each other, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy them.

Best Wishes,

Alex, Charlie, Ed and Tom

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Song of admirals