Сколько стоят человеческая жестокость и насилие? / How Do People`s Cruelty and Violence Cost?

To my profound belief the main vital value is our life itself, though it sounds paradoxically. We are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our Creator; among them are life and pursuit of happiness. I remember the prosaic poem by Turgenev, “Blue sky, light clouds look like down, scent of flowers, sweet sound of young voices, radiant beauty of the great creations of art, a smile of happiness on a charming woman’s face and these magic eyes…” The beauty of these words astounds me. I love you, life! I love you, people!

And suddenly, as a shock – the documentary latest news about suicides, about murders, wars.

Suicide… It means to kill oneself… What makes a person to do such a horrifying action? What makes a person to cut his veins or to throw himself out of the window of the tenth floor? I can’t find answers to these questions. Our world is so cruel… Perhaps, the person isn’t able to cope with problems. And the only way is to commit a suicide. Over the centuries people have invented many forms of violence over life. I think the most agonizing and gruesome were wars. Our generation can’t even imagine how cruel the Great Patriotic War was! But we can appreciate the consequences of one of the most senseless war in Chechen Republic: the headless bodies of Russian soldiers on the war fields, the disfigured bodies of twenty-years-old boys on beds in hospitals…

And full of tears mother’s eyes… Mothers, who lost their sons. I remember the American tragedy of the 11th of September. This day changed not only the American lifestyle, but also it changed the way Americans think about life significantly. This lesson will give us a greater understanding of the value of a human life. Thousands of innocent people, gone mad with fright, pain and suffering couldn’t understand what has happened. For what sins? Whose sins?

From the first century to the present people

have believed that, in his sacrifice on the cross Jesus identified with our human need to live and died so that our sins could be forgiven. “Forgiveness” means to stop wishing harm or planning revenge toward someone who has hurt or wronged you.

What thoughts, emotions and actions could be stopped by forgiving someone? Is it really possible to forgive such sins?

Who has the right to dispose human life? But what about Christ’s teaching, “Don’t kill”? What about the primary basis for moral and spiritual values?

Something is wrong in our world.

Even nature rebels against people’s cruelty and aggression by the environmental catastrophes. The last most horrifying tragedy is the earthquake in Haiti, which took away hundreds of thousands of innocent people, is the obvious evidence.

I want to shout, “Stop it! You must not do it! Never!” “Without inner desire of people to be brothers to each other the existence of mankind is unworthy and senseless ” (by F. Dostoevsky).

And I whisper as a prayer the poem by M. Tomaeva,

“Fallen in action!

Rise from the dead and shout!

They don’t want to listen to alive!

Fallen in action!

Rise from the dead! Don’t keep silent!

Stop us, sinful! Save us from war, from misfortune!

Teach us to live and to love in peace.”

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Сколько стоят человеческая жестокость и насилие? / How Do People`s Cruelty and Violence Cost?