Short tongue twisters 2

I was born on a pirate ship

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses.

In ‘ertford, ‘ereford and ‘ampshire, ‘urricanes ‘ardly Hever ‘appen. ( ‘ stands for “h” in English)

Eleven benevolent elephants

Celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant, …

Willy’s real rear wheel

Six sleek swans swam swiftly southwards

Gobbling gorgoyles gobbled gobbling goblins.

Pirates Private Property

A big black bug bit a big black dog on his big black nose!

Elizabeth’s birthday is on the third Thursday of this month.

Ann and Andy’s anniversary is in April.

Flash message!

How much pot, could a pot roast roast, if a pot roast could roast pot.

Two tried and true tridents

Rudder valve reversals

Four furious friends fought for the phone.

Plymouth sleuths thwart Luther’s slithering.

Black background, brown background.

Very well, very well, very well… (try to repeat it 30 times in a row!)

Tie twine to three tree twigs.

Rory the warrior and Roger the worrier were reared wrongly in a rural brewery.

Three short sword sheaths.

Caution: Wide Right Turns

Rolling red wagons

Green glass globes glow greenly.

Robert Wayne Rutter

Black back bat

The queen in green screamed.

Six slimy snails sailed silently.

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Short tongue twisters 2