Sergey yesenin – we”ll depart this world for ever, surely

We”ll depart this world for ever, surely,
To repose in peace and quite. Oh, my Lord!
Maybe, I shall also have to duly
Pack my things preparing for the road.

Oh, my birch-tree woods! Amazing pictures!
Oh, my dear land! My sandy plains!
In the face of crowds of mortal creatures
I”m unable to conceal my pains.

I”ve been filled with love and admiration
For the things embodying the soul.
Peace to aspens, lost in contemplation,
Spreading branches, staring at the shoal.

I have thought in silence days and hours,
I have written songs. And I don”t grieve.
I am happy in this gloomy world of ours
To have had a chance to breathe and live.

I am happy, I have kissed a woman,
I have slept in grass and flower-bed,
And I never, like a decent human,
Hit a dog or kitten in the head.

The unknown land! No blooming pictures!
No amazing fields of wheat, so fine!
Thus before the crowds of mortal creatures
I have always shivers down the spine.

In that land, I know, there won”t be any
Fields of wheat that shine like gold at night
That”s the reason why I love those many
Living with me in this country-side.

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Sergey yesenin – we”ll depart this world for ever, surely