Sekina aoi. seitokai no ichizon. volume 1 (chapter 1-2)

Hekiyou Private Academy Student Council Minutes – Only the elected may enter this paradise.

Among the Student Council Members,

One male has been elected to become vice president. And, today in the Student Council room, Sugisaki Ken shouted out his love,

“I, in this room full of beautiful girls, will create a harem!”

(However, the room’s atmosphere did not treat him the same).

And again, today in the Student Council room, the head of the Student Council, Sakurano Kurimu, cried out in her egotistical way,

“Human beings have an interest in voluntary restraint!”

As the days went by, the conversations became looser. It was a daily cost of immature youth. And as the boys and girls continued on, the ocean of wild delusions called!

As for this, it will become a secret by our Hekiyou Academy Student Council members. Which, day after day, a lovable fragmented story will arise.

Prologues do not exist

Rule 1: Accept God’s existence.

Rule 2: No direct contact.

Rule 3: We are friends of friends. This limits interference.

Rule 4: Innovative ideas above all else.

Rule 5: Staff are to bring in individual ideas.

Rule 6: Disclosing knowledge is the highest offense, and must be avoided at all costs.

Rule 7: Irresistibly, the trick is to pretend humans are not God.

Rule 8: Project an indispensable moral sense. It’s all for the sake of business.

Rule 9: Quantitatively, school maintenance is the greatest priority.

Additional Rule: Pay attention to the Student Council throughout this year.

“The world isn’t boring. You’ve become a boring human!” So that the usual Kaichou’s small breasts stretched to mere second-hand telling of greatness or so I was told.

Lately however I have been receiving strange sights just like that from that I can see. I, however, am personally having

loads of fun, though I probably can’t see myself becoming one of those damned boring humans.

Yet, “firsts” are always fun.

First time falling in love.

First time making a friend.

First time making a mistake.

First time succeeding.

First time playing… an eroge!

Granted, I always think back to this.

“The old days sure were fun.”

I think back to nursery school, when I was the same as a large number of other humans.

I think back to elementary school, when I was so glad to have that backpack.

I think back to middle school, when a bus pass presented to an adult gave the feeling of a gentleman, a man of virtue.

I think back to high school, when others kicked me down and as a consequence for exerting myself to win something for enjoyment; I remember all of it.

Yes, something significant like that.

“Well, what’s so bad about virgins?”


I asked the question, and Kaichou spat out all the tea as she coughed her throat out. As usual, she ad-libbed herself as the ‘vulnerable person’ because we were the only ones in the room. Today was all about having fun, though.

Kaichou’s eyes began to water, and she immediately went to the table where she dried her eyes with tissues. Then, she glared at me.

“Now it’s my turn to speak, why not come back here and I’ll return the favor?”

“That’s sweet, Kaichou. But I have a standard way of thinking, and that way is by direct connection!”

“What pride! Sugisaki, in just a short time, you’ll become aware of the vice president’s role…”

“I am. I am fully aware that the Student Council is enough for my harem – “


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Sekina aoi. seitokai no ichizon. volume 1 (chapter 1-2)