Section 1 – think like the rich. introduction

Life is about choice. When you were young, choices were made for you. As you grew and matured you learned to make your own choices, a slow, steady process fraught with both joy and frustration. Now it’s time to make one of the most critical decisions of your life: whether to take control of your finances. Why critical? Because if you take control of your finances, it will empower you to shape a new life for yourself. This choice is really a series of smaller decisions: the decision to change your financial future, a mere preliminary, and the decision whether to follow up, renewed each day you open your eyes. Will you see your choice through to the end?

This work/study book is a road map to your new life. You’ll be navigating through three sections, a varied terrain of rich ideas, practical information, and exercises designed not to determine your direction, but rather to light your way. In Section 1, “Think Like the Rich,” you’ll shed old ways of thinking and adopt new ideas that have the power to propel you up the entrance ramp to financial freedom. In Section 2, “Learn What the Rich Know: The Five Pillars of Financial Literacy,” you’ll absorb the knowledge required to keep you moving down the road. And in Section 3, “Do What the Rich Do: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Financial Fast Track,” you’ll follow a detailed program intended to help you reach your destination.

But first things first. It’s time to take stock of your financial situation. In the pages that immediately follow, you’ll be confronting your fears, your stale habits of thinking, and other hidden obstacles that until now have prevented you from getting ahead. You’ll be inventorying your strengths and your passions, those things you’ve always possessed but never acknowledged, whose power can lead you out of your financial maze. And you’ll encounter new thoughts on the idea of money, thoughts meant to harness those inner strengths and steer you onto the road to your dreams.

Rich Dad said:
“All of us have the power of choice. I choose to be rich, and I make that choice every day.”

You’ve made the choice to achieve financial freedom; the time has come for the effort.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost

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Section 1 – think like the rich. introduction